Roses (or Rosie’s!) Looking Glass

This week has been a sitting-down-and-stitching sort of week as I have been temporarily incapacitated.  That is to say my left knee has been temporarily incapacitated, due to Daisy’s inexpert charging around.  Coming at me from behind, and travelling at full speed, instead of swerving to the left to avoid me, she instead swerved to the right – straight into the back of my left knee.  5 1/2 stone (about 77 lbs) of dog going at full speed into your knee hurts – and she has partially torn a tendon.  (Mine, not hers!) Ouch!  But, as my mum used to say, “every cloud has a silver lining” and for me the silver lining has been the opportunity to sit around resting my knee and indulge in some totally guilt-free stitching.  

Putting my blackwork butterfly to one side again for a while, I have been working on a vintage-inspired embroidered mirror frame for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  In the course of the last week it has gone from this ….

To finished!  I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to assemble the mirror, but in fact, with some PVA glue and a nice sharp pair of scissors it proved to be remarkably easy ….

Roses Looking Glass

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  The stitching is easy too as it’s just satin stitch, with a little back stitch for the stems that twine between the candy-coloured roses.  And, mentioning roses – you may remember from a recent post that Rosie has already reserved this little looking glass (I love this old-fashioned term for mirror) – though it has turned out to be so pretty I am very tempted to keep it for myself! 

And finally … you may have noticed a new tab at the top of this page “Instagram” – we now have a Bustle & Sew Instagram feed on the site.  New photos of dogs, Devon and sewing are added nearly every day, so if you are a “pictures” sort of person and would like to keep even more up-to-date with happenings here at Bustle & Sew, then please do bookmark our Instagram page – or follow us on Instagram – our handle is bustleandsew.


Oh you poor thing.
Look I have only just got my head around Facebook, Instagram is a whol;e new ball game that I do need help with!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


She sounds like a dog I met about two years ago at a state park/museum. I have been terrified of dogs since childhood, so when this enormous yellow-ish furred flop-head (a retriever mix of some kind) charged at me in a grassy area of the museum/park. I grabbed my mother (happy mothers day this weekend!) and literally tossed her in front of me. The dogs owner was following close behind. The dog (whose name we were not told) apparently has an “OOOOOH, NEW FRIENDS! LETS WRESTLE, PLAY AND ROLL before we even say hello” attitude towards ALL human beings, and had wriggled out of her leash, and was having it put back on when she saw us….


Oh dear, poor you – Daisy is a bit like this as she’s a puppy, but I’m very careful to hold her securely on her lead when there are other people around – that way she only injures me!!


Poor you, here’s hoping that you recover soon so you can go walking with the monsters again. A few months ago I found myself flat on my back, luckily in a field so it was a relatively soft landing and there was no-one there to see. I’d just put Ruby on the lead as we were coming to the field gate and she somehow ran round the back of me at such speed that she spun me round and tipped me over!


Thanks Amanda – it’s a good thing we love our puppies – had a giggle imagining you and Ruby – isn’t it odd that when something like that happens the first thing we do is check and see if anyone’s watching us?! Give her a hug from me. xx


Awww no! I bet daisy was in the dog house, although with her cute face I imagine it wasn’t actually that long!
This looking glass (the word reminds me of alice in wonderland) is so very sweet! I need to have a bash at this.

Jan Moran

Hello Helen,

I think a little elephant would be very cute.

Thanks for all your wonderful stitching ideas.



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