Rosie & Bear First Stitches Sampler Pattern

It’s funny how sometimes inspiration can come from nowhere, when suddenly you have an idea your fingers are itching to stitch. I’ve been stitching a lot of Rosie & Bear lately for my Diamond Jubilee quilt project (the one that’s going out as a free partwork for magazine subscribers).  Below is a detail from the Canada block…. 

Diamond Jubilee Quilt

Doesn’t Bear make a wonderful Mountie!!  He’s waving so hard that I think his hat’s about to fall off – but he doesn’t care one little bit!  Anyway, I haven’t done any non-quilt blocks for Rosie & Bear for a long time and so I was sort of vaguely considering what I might do when suddenly .. inspiration came to me.  I was very lucky to learn to sew from a very early age, and as a child Rosie loved sewing too – I still have some of her earliest projects tucked away safely in one of my drawers. (just like mothers everywhere!) So I thought ……

Rosie & Bear "First Stitches"What about a sampler, the traditional first project for young stitchers in days gone by?   I was smitten.  Couldn’t wait.  Dropped everything else and sketched it all out in a single session.  I’ve used a nice cursive font  for the alphabet and included some tiny woodland animals and birds – I think you can just make out a rabbit and mouse in this picture. 

Rosie is concentrating very hard on her stitching – she’s going to have a little silver needle in her hand and Bear is down at the bottom right of the sampler.  There will be a border of flowers too, and a space for personalisation.  I don’t usually like to post my work so early in a project, but I am very pleased with how this is taking shape.  Sometimes a design takes ages and has to be unpicked and re-worked several times, but this one’s coming together really easily.  It’s hard to put it down – but Ben can be relied upon to remind me when it’s time for his walk!


What a wonderful idea! A sampler! It’s adorable!…Rosie with one shoe on and one shoe off…woodland creatures…I just love it!

Bear DOES make an amazing Mountie and certainly has a great hat! Can’t wait for the next magazine! Your talent is amazing!

X Linda


(Blushing) Thank you so much for your lovely comments Linda – am making great progress with the sampler which will definitely be in Issue 16 xx


That’s wonderful news!! I always look forward to the last Thursday of the month when your magazine link arrives in my “in box”, and I now can look forward to Issue 16 and the sampler as well! Thank you, Helen for sharing your amazing talent and a sneak peek at the lovely project to come!


hi Helen
I do love your Rosie and Bear embroidery samplers!
I think bears are such adorable creatures. I have made a few miniature bears by hand myself, I am going to try the embroidery myself!
keep on doing Rosy and Bear scenes, they make my day


This is just darling!! I can’t wait to see your completed sampler. I have a little grand-daughter and someday I will be able to teach her to embroidery too!


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