Rosie & Bear July: Fairground Carousel

The latest Rosie & Bear pattern is complete and will be released in this month’s Bustle & Sew magazine …
Rosie clings tightly to the pole, whilst that naughty Bear balances on one paw as they whirl around on the carousel.  July is the month that the fairground comes to town – and the carousel horses was one of Rosie’s favourite rides…. 
To be released in the Bustle & Sew magazine at the end of this month, when it will also be listed in my shop.


Miss Pixie

This is beautiful! I adore the bunting it seems to be very 'in' at the moment 🙂



That's just so pretty Helen.
I love the way you've framed the design.
Did you use Liberty Tana Lawn binding?
I'm SO looking forward to the next issue of the magazine.



Congratulations on another adorable pattern. I'll be waiting for the next issue of the magazine for sure. I'm such a fan and this piece is so right up my alley.

I too have a question on framing. How do you do it? Would you ever be willing to do a blog post walking us through it? I'm also getting desperate to know how you framed Rosie and the Bear's Summer bed time piece as well. Any chance you'd be willing to share ?


Hi Sereniticat

Can't see a way to contact you so will leave comment here – yes that's a good idea, will be happy to post on framing for you… and thank you to everyone else for your lovely comments on this Rosie & Bear design.

Helen xx


Oh, I'm sorry. My email is [email protected].

I'm really looking forward on learning how to frame these pieces like you do. The little bits of fabric are so cute! Thank you so much for considering walking us through your framing process.

I was too afraid to want to try and had just planned to take them to my framer as I finish them, but, I've been but on extended sick leave, so, my checking account has to go on sick leave too.

This gives me a chance to get over my framing fear.

I spent a very lovely afternoon working on Bear's fur for the first time and really enjoyed it. Your tutorial on his fur is wonderful.



What an adorable pattern! I have a Sis who loves carousels. I feel a prezzie coming on!


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