Sneak Preview

A quick sneak preview for you.  I’m planning a new series of embroidery designs called “Rosie and Bear” inspired both by vintage childrens’ literature and my own daughter’s childhood.  I’ve just completed the first design and will reveal more very soon.  But I simply couldn’t resist showing you Bear!
And Rosie’s little pink toes!  All the lovely comments I’ve received on my Apple Tree Harvest transfer have inspired me to create the fun poll at the top of the blog …. everyone’s been very complimentary about my work … but if only they could see the back!  Go on .. it’s anonymous .. no fibbing now – what does the back of your work look like?
Finally, don’t forge that the “Craft Hope” free draw ends tomorrow so if you haven’t entered don’t delay. 


Annie xx TheFeltFairy

My embroidery is a bit untidy on the reverse! Teddy reminds me of little ted in Playschool – he's through the round window!

Papgena Made It

I like what I see in the sneak preview!
My aunt used to say that's the back of the work that tells who the good embroiderers
Well, I'm not a good embroiderer!!


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