A warning … feeling a bit cross!

Earlier this week I had an email from a very nice lady called Lisa who had been searching for punch needles on Amazon.  During the course of her search she came across a listing that she was surprised to see featured one of our patterns..

Yes, it is our Rosie’s Houseplants Hoop.  I thought I would post about this firstly to thank Lisa, without whom I would probably never have seen this listing, and secondly to warn anyone who is thinking of purchasing a punch needle that the Rosie’s Houseplants design features basket weave and bullion stitch, as well as French knots, and I’m not aware that these stitches can be created using a punch needle.

There is of course the little matter of this company using our image without our consent (aka copyright theft), and Rosie is following up on this.

I wonder if I might ask readers …. if you should ever come across one of our designs being used for something like this, please could you let us know  so we can do something about it.  Thanks so much!


I hope they take your picture off. If ever I see your gorgeous work anywhere else it shouldn’t be I will certainly tell you. Hope they don’t make any excuses for using your pictures and take it down straight away.

Julie xxxxxxx


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