Such a shame….

This morning I headed off to a car boot sale held in aid of Chillington Community Association.  It was held in a lovely spot, a farmer had allowed the use of his field overlooking the creek, the sun was shining and everyone was feeling very cheerful.  As it was a local sale it was a chance to meet with friends and neighbours, compare gardening notes, exchange gossip and, in my case, be the subject of a great deal of teasing about whether my baby roses would manage to grow enough to cover my rose arch in time for THE BIG DAY!   

Then I headed off for a browse around the stalls.  They were mostly offering children’s clothes and toys, games and sporting equipment, but tucked away in a corner I discoverd one lady with just a few vintage textiles including this beautiful embroidered table cloth ……

And some crochet lace that will be perfect for wedding decorations.  The cloth measures around 48″ square and is beautifully stitched with a flower spray at each corner in lovely soft colours.  It has clearly at one time been very much loved and treasured – look at this beautiful darn….

But I purchased it for just 50p!  (around 84 US cents).  So much work – and so little valued – such a shame!  But it has a new, very appreciative, home with me now, and will be brought out regularly over the summer months for tea in the garden.  And it made a lovely background to show you my “Bloom and Grow” embroidery – a project for the June magazine….

I have a little of this lovely floral fabric left over and am thinking of offering a limited edition of kits for this pattern next month.  The kit would include the floral fabric pre-printed ready to stitch and all the floss required.  All you’d need to provide would be the hoop for framing.  Please do let me know if you think you might be interested as I only have enough of this fabric for around half-a-dozen kits.  The price would be £15 ($25)  inclusive of postage (worldwide).   There’s no committment at this stage – I’d just like to find out if there is any potential interest.

And finally I’ll you with this slightly blurry picture …..

The current craze for selfies has reached the Newfies here in Devon!!  



I went to a boot fair yesterday and purchased linen. I love the old embroidered tablecloths and appreciate the work that goes into every piece of embroidery. Your kits look fantastic.
Julie xxxxxxxx


OOOooooo I would definitely be interesting in purchasing the Spring floral embroidery kit! Gorgeous! And, as always, I love seeing the Newfies too! Thank you, Helen!


Thanks Valerie – there’s been quite a bit of interest, so I’ll definitely be going ahead and will let you know when they’re available.

Sue Stitches

I so agree Helen. I picked up several lovely hand appliquéd napkins at a garage sale for 2.00. The creator’s son said “Oh she was always making these.” I “rescue” abandoned embroidered items regularly.


Your tablecloth is beautiful. I too love old tablecloths and embroideries. I have to give them a home as I like to daydream about the person who stitched them so lovingly, and I hate to think of them just going for rags. Even the damaged ones are usually worked on lovely thick cottons or linens. Love the selfie, so much more interesting than people!


Thanks Sue – there’s been quite a bit of interest, so I’ll definitely be going ahead and will let you know when they’re available.


I would be very interested in your lovely floral kit is so pretty.

Laura Lee

Beautiful tablecloth! Your dogs…. love their selfies! 🙂 xoxo


Thanks Maggie, I’ll definitely be putting some together and they’ll be available in early June. xx


I would be interested in a kit too. Whenever I see some vintage linens I try to pick them up. I love using tablecloths and people always comment on them.


Hi Susan, thanks for letting me know – I’ll definitely be going ahead with kits and they’ll be available in early June.


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