The future’s bright … the future’s orange?!

Warning .. this post contains a very orangey trio of goodies ….
Yippee!! It’s finished …. I’m really pleased with my bowl of nasturtiums. I’ve had lots of interuptions during its creation, and deciphering my scribbled notes to write up the pattern took ages – but finally it’s finished and the pattern is listed in my Etsy shop. It’s been wonderful working with all these beautiful bright orangey colours … almost like sewing with sunshine.
I’m thinking about creating a series of flower pictures, one for each month of the year – they’d be great for personalising for birthdays, anniversaries etc. Of course the nasturtiums above will be the first one – and the month is July. I don’t think I’ll be able to create one each month, but maybe over the next couple of years… September appeals next – what about poppies and wheat – a harvest theme?

Talking about harvest .. the next item in this very orangey blog is … a carrot corsage!! Yes, you did read that correctly!! In my wonderful book of knitted and crochet flowers (you can see it on the books page) there is a pattern for knitted carrots. As my crochet skills are not quite up to creating some of the lovely crochet flower designs just yet (although I have made a rather wonky daisy which is not worth photographing) I thought I would have a go at one of the knitted designs. And being me, it had to be the carrots. I LOVE vegetables. I’m not very keen on fruit – don’t know why – but bananas, oranges and grapes leave me cold (although I adore strawberries). But vegetables …. ahh that’s a different story altogether.
Having created my corsage I’ve given it a Dig for Victory theme. Our village senior parishioners lunch club tea party this year has a VJ Day theme (65 years anniversary) I’m one of the organisers and so I’ve become quite immersed in memorabilia from that time. And as the very cheerful gardener is carrying a bunch of carrots it seemed quite appropriate to use that image as the backing card for the brooch.
The final item in my orangey blog this week are these little kittens with their ball of orange yarn. I was very lucky this week as I was given a set of crochet hooks by someone who heard I was learning a new skill. They are extremely beautiful, each is a different coloured aluminium in beautiful jewel colours. But … and it’s a big BUT …. they currently live in a pink sparkly pouch. Well. I don’t want to seem ungrateful but pink sparkly is just so not me. It was daughter about 15 years ago, but even she has moved on from that phase.
My knitting needles currently live in a beautiful Cath Kidston needle roll, but I have for some time been toying with the idea of a mini-roll to live permanently in my knitting basket. So, I thought, why not combine it with a new case for my wonderful crochet hooks? I’ve been wanting to use this vintage kittens transfer – ideal! It’s embroidered on a grey cotton thrifted napkin. Haven’t quite worked out how I’ll put it all together yet – watch this space! But meanwhile, if you’d like the little kittens transfer for yourself, then please click here for the free pdf file.
And finally …. I’m so proud of my nasturtiums … here they are again in case you missed them the first time!!

Happy stitching!!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy

That is gorgeous! I am going to feature you and your work in my blog in approx 2 weeks! – I love your work! xxx


The nasturtiums are lovely I just visited your etsy shop and ordered the pattern :)The june newsletter is great!
Thanks for sharing


Hi Elly,
I love your bowl of nasturtiums, they remind me of my parents garden when I was a child.. I love the colors..and I admire your patience to do such a great beautiful creation, thanks for sharing!


Orange, Orange, ORANGE.
I recently emailed my daughters-in-law asking what colors they want for their kitchen/dining rooms.
Both gals [who don't know each other, btw]
answered ORANGE ! ! ! !
???? Orange ?????!!!!! What were they thinking.
That was three weeks ago –
I guess I was the only one who didn't realize how hot ORANGE is at the moment.
Everywhere I look orange pops up.

Ellie, your use of orange gives a whole new meaning to the color to me.

I love all your little touches of orange.

With my eyes now opened to orange,
hugs & ♥♥♥,


after all…ORANGE promotes happy! psychologists agree that it is the happiest color in the color wheel… 😉


Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [28 Jun 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria


The nasturtiums are brilliant. We have hoppers outside on the kitchen walls full of them an d they are so cheerful. Love the carrots too, great idea and the backing card…perfect!

Croaking Crown

The orange in those flowers make me so happy. It's been so gray here I need all the bright I can get. Just beautiful.


Have you noticed how many people from Devon are on this Blogspot?

We must be a crafty lot!!

Love the Nasturtiums, better than the real thing! they always seem to be covered in loads of blackfly!!!haha

I am a papercrafter, but I do use material on projects sometimes.

Am slowly putting more photos on my portfolio. I am very new to this and I think all of you are soooo clever in how you get all your bits and bobs in your side bars!!

I WILL persevere!!:)

Miss Muffin

Thanks so much for making those kitties available! And for FREE! THANKS! They are adorable!!!!
Now I just have to find something that I can put them on … 🙂


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