Three Hares … a spring time pattern

Today has been wet and wild.  Yesterday the magnolia tree in my neighbour’s garden had beautiful pink and white waxy blossoms, today it has brownish streaked flowers with a sad pile of petals on the ground around its trunk.  But tomorrow, we are told, will be warm and sunny, so perhaps spring will return again. 
I have been taking advantage of today’s wet weather to get ahead of myself for next month’s magazine, finishing my Three Hares design in nearly record time.  This is a very ancient symbol, with its earliest known origins in Buddhist China, though many of the churches here in Devon have roof bosses featuring this symbol.  Here though, they are called “Tinners Rabbits” which isn’t quite right I’m afraid!
I wanted my little hares to look realistic and friendly, though not too cute, and I hope I’ve achieved that.  All their faces have turned out slightly differently – just like real animals.  Instead of written instructions for the fur I took lots of photos as I worked, which I think show just how easy embroidering fur really is.
The pattern’s in my Etsy Shop now, and will be included in next month’s magazine.  I’m ahead of schedule – whoopeeee!! Now I’m off to work on a new Rosie & Bear in honour of this month’s wedding…. imagine if Rosie and her bear had gone to London to see the bride …
PS Don’t forget the blanket bunny draw closes tomorrow.



I Love the them, they are stunning.
I love they way they are joined together.
Julie xxxxxxx
PS did you get my email I sent yesterday?


I love them! So realistic yet whimsical! Can hardly wait for the next magazine!


The hares certainly do look realistic, a beautiful stitchery to welcome in spring.

Lovely blog.


Lovely stuff! I've just finished Bunny Floppy Ears who is nothing short of gorgeous!!

Bumpkin Bears

my goodness, this is stunning, your stitch work is a real inspiration. So glad to read your fair was a success. Love to sunny Devon! Catherine x


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