Two Calendar Quilts

Or (alternative title) I have been really busy!  My Calendar Bunnies quilt is all finished, the stippling and binding too, so I have been taking photos – both of the bunnies and extra ones of my Rosie & Bear quilt for my very nearly finished book…. 

Heap of Quilting

Would you like to see them?  I’m so excited and simply have to show them to you!  Here they are …

Calendar Bunnies

First the little bunnies .. with all those extra rabbits leaping around in the stippling .. I don’t know if you can make out the extra ones in this photo.  I am planning to have the pattern for this quilt, with stitching and floss guide for the bunnies, available by the end of the week.   And then Rosie & Bear …. 

Rosie & Bear Calendar Quilt

 Just a few more images for my nearly finished book – it’s been a bit delayed but will definitely be published by the end of May.  And now both quilts together ….

 Two Calendar Quilts

Not sure I’ve quite got the hang of artistically draping quilts yet, but at least there are no big muddy pawprints on them!  That is because my canine assistant was forbidden to come into the garden and “help” me.   Signal for mega-sulk which only ended when a couple of doggie-chocs were offered!  Back later this week with news about the release of both patterns.  Watch this space!


Your quilts are gorgeous
I know what you mean about draping artistically! I was haing troube with that today!!
Julie xxxxxxxx


Your quilts are stunning! I love them, and their colors are especially vibrant displayed in your garden. Looking forward to the release of your patterns as well as the long awaited book!!
X Linda


Both look lovely, and I especially like the colours in your bunny quilt.


Beautiful 🙂 I really like the bunnies but I think Rosie and Bear are still my favourite. Looking forward to the book.


What a beautiful quilt, they are just divine, how cute, February is so lovely and looks to be having sooo much fun! xxBrenda

Linda Larson

Wonderful spring/summer feel to the quilts – very beautiful and the cutest of designs..just love them.

Karen Etheridge

Lovely Quilts!!! I just love the vintage fabrics and designs!


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