Valentine Make – Lavender Heart

When I was a child I had a lovely little book about a hedgehog. (stay with me here..) In this book the little hedgehog didn’t have anyone to love her because her prickles were too sharp and hurt anyone who tried to hug her.
She had many adventures, and a lot of rejection, but in the end she found true love … with a tortoise, or he might have been a turtle – I can’t quite remember – whose hard shell meant that her spikes didn’t matter. I cried buckets over that book which I am sure had lots of serious lessons about bullying, exclusion, tolerance and respect. Putting these to one side, the little hedgehog herself was so cute and adorable and it is this little hedgehog and her tortoise love who inspired me to create this image for Valentine’s day..

I have embroidered the lovers onto my favourite vintage linen in a slightly darker thread, then given them pale pink blushing cheeks and loveheart. I made sure the colours were muted and subtle, but warm, as I wanted the pink to be a delicate highlight. I’ve also embroidered “made for each other” above them both. I deliberately kept the heart plain as I thought that any embellishments might detract from the simplicity of the design. Then I filled the heart with a mixture of polyfil (for shape) and organic lavender (for scent) and added a “with love” hanging ribbon.
I’m rather pleased with how it turned out, and if you’d like to embroider the little hedgehog in love for yourself, then please click here for your free pdf embroidery pattern.
PS: no time to make your own? Then you’ll find the little hedgehog for sale at DevonBear Designs and also in my Etsy Shop.


Cute! Two of my favorites-hedgies and linen. I will make this soon. What book is this based on? Thanks for sharing your pattern!


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