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Sorry to be so late letting you know the results of last week’s giveaways – I don’t have any good excuse at all – just so much going on here at Combe Leigh.  Daughter visited for a week (lovely!), Ben has had a certain operation which I will not describe – it’s sufficient to say that Townie Husband has felt very sympathetic for the poor young fellow these last few days!!  Also, I’ve been getting a little over-excited over a new bag pattern I’ve been working on – hope to have some pictures to show you very soon indeed!
So … without further ado or delay … Amy was overjoyed to have two different colours of dog-biscuit to choose from at the weekend.  The pink biscuits were for the “Big up Blighty” embroidery and the yellow for the “Little Fish”.  The biscuits were carefully numbered.. mixed up and placed in front of our judge.  The paw shot out and retrieved pink 9 and yellow 6.  That’s  Crazy Gecko for Big up Blighty and  Katy for the Little Fish.   Please contact me so I can send your prizes to you.
Well done – and thank you for entering to everyone else – I loved reading your comments.  Oh, and I think we might be going to Rome for our anniversary treat – I’m really looking forward to it!!
Finally,  I’ve found another fairy transfer you might like … please click here if you’d like the free pdf download.  Promise not to be so long before my next post…. now back to my bags!!


oh gosh – Katy, that's ME!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Thank you. Off to email you right now!

Crazy Gecko

And I'm The Crazy Gecko!(had to read it several times to check I'd read it right!!!)

Great taste Amy!!!


WOW thank you so much for sharing the darling wee fairy transfers. My wee Tsunami will love them! Now to come up with an idea on how to use them.


Congratulations to the winners
I know a little girl who might like those perhaps I could use them on her dollies bedding!
Julie xxxxxxx


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