Wash Day! New Rosie & Bear Pattern …

I am sure that every mum will recognise this image ….. a small child, with a favourite toy that simply has to be washed – the wails of protest and the loud complaints…
Waiting impatiently for the toy to be restored once more …
Wishing that somehow this could happen!!  April and May for me see the return of washing hanging out in the garden – with a fair degree of optimism that it will actually dry, in spite of our famous English weather.  In fact Devon has a higher than average rainfall, we’re in the south west of the country, so all the rain bearing clouds from the Atlantic reach us first – everyone else just gets what’s left!!  But as I looked at my rather tatty and slightly ripped peg bag , I had an idea …..
For a peg “bucket” to hang on my line.  Adding embroidery meant the actual bag had to be quite simply constructed so that it wouldn’t be too fussy. Also, I wanted to move away from the peg bags on a coat hanger shape to something a bit different – and the above is the result.
I’ve been in the gazebo all afternoon working hard on writing up the pattern and uploading it to my Etsy shop.  Ably assisted by my canine companion …
And I hope you like it.  It will be included in the Bustle & Sew June magazine at the end of this month, together with lots more … to be revealed at a later date!



I absolutely love that peg bag!
Do you know I used to say to people when I lived in Devon, we always get the weather first! I used to get laughed at……..! Who's laughing now!!!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Shirley Ann

Hi Ellie,
I have only just discoverd your blog but am already a HUGE fan! I absolutly LOVE that peg bag. The embroided illustration just leaps right off the fabric and transports you to yesteryear – just lovely!
X Shirley

Annie xx TheFeltFairy

What a gorgeous peg bucket! And your gazebo looks fabulous – a great place to work, especially when you have such a trusty assistant to aid your every need! lol!


I just love your gazebo area! What a fab place to spend time in…..I'm really very envious! And inspired 😀

Jo x


Oh I love the new embroidery of Rosie and Bear! I can't wait for the June issue.


Love the new Rosie & Bear! Anxiously awaiting the June issue…..!
X Linda


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