When inspiration strikes ….

Inspiration can be a funny sort of thing – at least I often think so!  All this week I’ve been thinking about autumn, the glorious colours and the abundance of produce on display at the market in Wells

And I was wondering about more autumn patterns when I suddenly noticed – I mean actually noticed as opposed to absent mindedly noting they were there – the two enamel mugs on my kitchen windowsill ….

I’m very fond of these two mugs – they were purchased on a visit to Prague for a “special” birthday of mine – some time ago now.  It was a wonderful family trip, though very cold indeed.  My birthday is close to Christmas so we were able to visit the Christmas Market, where we enjoyed quite a lot of mulled wine(!) as well as browsing around all the little craft stalls clustered around the largest Christmas tree I think I’ve ever seen!  Then the next day we visited one of the many small shops around the Old Town Square where we picked out these enamel mugs as a souvenir.  They’ve accompanied our family on lots of picnics since then, proving perfect for hot soup on cold days and cold drinks on the beach too!  And now they’ve inspired my latest designs for the November Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I can’t show you the finished project yet as it’s still very much a work in progress.  I have changed the colours a little ….

And can reveal that basketweave stitch is an important part of the pattern.  I really enjoy working this stitch, it’s very relaxing to do and the texture contrasts beautifully with the smooth satin stitch I used for the succulent and mug ….

Apologies for the poor photo, this was taken beneath my work light – but I think it shows the basketweave stitch well.  The blue lines are temporary fabric marker pen – I intend to mount my mugs on small 4″ artists’ canvas blocks and the line marks where the edge of the block will be.  You can also see the Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy I used to transfer the pattern, so overall at this stage it does look rather messy!

And while I stitched, Daisy and Tilly had made themselves very comfortable and were snoozing gently on the conservatory sofa (where they are not supposed to be!).

What a naughty pair of pups!


Wow Helen! That looks absolutely beautiful and not at all messy to me! The textural qualities you have achieved are stunning – I am enjoying working on your Rosie’s Houseplants at the moment and can see that the enamel cup succulents will be next in line????


Thanks so much Linda, that’s very kind of you! So pleased you’re enjoying Rosie’s houseplants too, it’s been such a popular design. Xxx


Oh goodness, thanks so much Amy but I am sure you’re being super-modest! And I am blushing too xx


You are very kind Lynne, thank you. I’m really enjoying this project as it’s bringing back so many happy memories xx


Love working Satin Stitch, so awaiting eagerly for the pattern in the next issue.

Perhaps they thought if they were very quiet you wouldn’t notice they were on the sofa


So lovely. and very co-incidental. I’ve just bought two mugs to put two succulents in just like that. Of course I will need a couple of stitcheries to go with them.


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