Year of the Rabbit – Part Two: New Pattern and Special Offer!

Well, I couldn’t let the Year of the Rabbit go past without a special new pattern to mark the occasion, could I?  When we visited New York last month I was struck by the vibrancy and colour of Chinatown and wanted to include a Chinese theme in a future pattern.  But … as I have mentioned before … I can sometimes be a bit slow on the uptake and honestly hadn’t realised it would soon be the Year of the Rabbit until we visited our local Chinese Restaurant after Christmas. 
Having discovered this, the idea for this pattern came very quickly – just two little bunnies with their very own Chinese dragon to celebrate the start of the New Year.  They even have some firecrackers down by their paws!  I’ve kept the stitching nice and simple for a quick, fun creation and of course the text can be changed to suit .. I’m going to turn mine into a cover for my large desk diary – my new one is plain black and just so not me!
I’ve listed the Chinese Bunnies pattern in my Etsy Shop – and as a special “thank you” to everyone who reads my blog – if you type in coupon code BUNNY11 at the checkout you’ll receive 20% discount on this and any other patterns you order during the next week.
And don’t forget – just a couple more days to enter the draw to win my handknitted rabbit. 


emma bear forever

That's lovely. I picked up my copy of 'Sew Hip' the other day after seeing your post. I am hoping to make one of those hottie covers in the near future. Can I ask a quick question~ Do you sell your cushions? I can only see the patterns on your shop and I'm not sure I could manage one of those owl cushions :0) Many thanks
Justine x


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