A Mother’s Day Gift for newsletter readers

I know that today is Mother’s Day in the United States.  Here in the UK we enjoyed our Mother’s Day back in March – but I’ve decided to celebrate all over again!  And because it’s not really Mother’s Day here, my gift is for all my free newsletter readers – whether you’re a mother or not!  It’s a copy of my Bustle & Sew Magazine….. 

Bustle & Sew Magazine April 2013

 If you’re  a newsletter reader, then just go to your free patterns library page on my website and you’ll be able to download your copy there.  If you’re not already a reader and would like to receive this magazine, then all you need to do is join using the form in the right hand sidebar.  You’ll then receive a link to the free patterns library – as well as more goodies over the coming weeks.  (And don’t worry, I never share your email address with anyone else).

Happy Mother’s Day!


Thank you so much for this, I love your magazine and newsletters. I am in Mozambique, Africa and we also have Mother’s Day here but as we are still going through troubled times personally no-one in my household really remembered or did anything. My mother in Zimbabwe sent me a lovely text and my son in UK also sent me a lovely message which is good for him as he has to remember which Mothers Day is the one celebrated here. I was feeling kind of sad about not having my son or fiance here at home not doing anything but then I organised a picnic on the beach with some friends and she and her two children had made me a beautiful card and then when I checked my emails and found your gift I realised it was a lovely day just like I wanted it. Thank you.


Hi Sheleen – you’re welcome – pleased to add a little something to your day xx


Thank you very much, Helen! Missing my mom, Helen, today especially, who passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago, at age 90. Both my children are out of state from where I live in the US and miss them very much as well. I love your story, Sheleen. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reminding me my problems are small compared to what you are going through. And to count my blessings! I had a lovely buffet brunch today with husband and good friends! Have a blessed Mother’s Day wherever you are and however you celebrate. Much love.


Many thanks for this wonderful gift. I will down load it tonight and read it. I am hoping that my sewing will improve over the summer holidays. I am still stitching along, but not very graceful. Now with you kind thoughts and help – I am well on my way to trying new projects and improve my outcomes. I wish you the best on this day also.


Hi Helen, I can’t find a link to the free Mothersday magazine. It’s not in the free pattern library. Can you please help me find it?

Annemie 🙂


Hi Annemie – yes it is in the library – you’ll find it about a third of the way down the page. If you still can’t find it then please do drop me an email and I’ll send it to you. xx


Thanks so much, Helen, for the thoughtful and very generous gift. I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day…
X Linda


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