Angel Pigs – Giveaway Result and Kits for Sale!

To say I was overwhelmed by the number of entries received for the Angel Pig Kit giveaway is an understatement!   And I so enjoyed reading everyone’s comments too.  My birthday is very close to Christmas, and my Mum came home from hospital with me on Christmas Day morning – so she always said that I was her best Christmas present ever. (aahhhhhh).  Mind you, she then would say that I was a very naughty baby who didn’t sleep at night for ages, and she began to wonder if Santa would take me back again!!!   Anyway, thank you very much to everyone who took the trouble to leave a comment – and we have a result …
Mrs Glosser says number 36.  I have counted very carefully (twice) and that is Patricia (of the gift wrapping taking place in bedroom).  Congratulations Patricia!  but  I can’t see any details for you at all  so please could you contact me (you’ll find my email address on my blogger profile – link in right-hand sidebar).  And thank you again to everyone who entered.
As so many people liked the pigs, I have put together a small number of Angel Pig kits (to make the white pig – Rosie said that was the nicest one) and you can find them in my Etsy shop.  If there is sufficient demand, then I’ll put more together for you, but at the moment I have only listed half a dozen.  Just click here to see the listing.
And finally … my quilt fabric arrived in the week and now the magazine is published I plan to spend some time sorting out and cutting … how exciting!!!


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