Bustle & Sew Magazine: Second Birthday

At last peace and quiet reigns here at Coombe Leigh.  My two canine “assistants” have been rolling around play-fighting for most of the evening, but finally they have collapsed into a large warm furry heap, both snoring very loudly indeed.  I’m sure this moment of peace won’t last long, so I’m making the most of it! 

I can hardly believe that the Bustle & Sew Magazine is now 2 whole years old!  It seems such a short while since I began back in January 2011 – and now I’m working on issue 25 in between Daisy’s playtimes.  I thought you might like to see the first two patterns for this month’s issue – I think I already showed you “Birds on a Wire” 

Birds on a Wire

 and now they’ve been joined by my “Three Patchwork Eco-Totes”

Three Patchwork Eco-Totes

These are great to keep rolled up in your handbag in case of impromptu shopping – and each applique motif features a different patchwork technique.  I’ve lots more planned for this issue too. 

And …. as it’s the magazine’s second birthday I’m having a giveaway at the weekend – the prize will be a whole year’s subscription worth over $60!  I’ll be posting the giveaway at the weekend so don’t forget to check back then!

Finally – I realised that when I uploaded my “Thinking About Colour” mini-guide, I added the wrong details on the back and didn’t put “please feel free to share”.  So here it is again, this time with the correct information – and please do feel free to share as much as you want!Thinking About Colour



Will be looking forward to your generous giveaway as well as February’s issue! Love the totes!
X Linda


It’s hard to believe that it’s two years since I first signed up for your lovely magazine. I love looking through it and planning which projects I’m going to make, though sadly I’ve actually made far too few of them, but I love looking back through past issues and planning again.

Barb Colvin

Every month I look forward to strolling through the new issue! The articles are always interesting, and my ‘to do’ list keeps growing. Maybe you could include some extra time in the next issue. lol Thanks!


Well Happy Birthday Bustel & Sew, and many more!! I am sew glad that I found you and your furry “Little” Helpers! I really enjoy all the things you come up with! You have been a great inspiration for me to get back into hand work and learning to applique your way! I love the simple, homey and vintage looks that your projects provide. Thank you Helen, Ben, and Daisy!! A birthday toast to you all!! CHEERS!



Thanks Jan for your lovely comments, so kind of you. I am sorry to have to tell you though that Daisy has been re-christened “psycho-pup!” In one day she emptied (and shredded) the newspaper recycling basket, up-turned the water bowl and turned the kitchen floor into a newfie swimming pool and caused Ben to flee upstairs (where neither dog is really allowed) to escape her pulling his fur and climbing all over him! I am sure he was NEVER this naughty! But we love her anyway!


Eagerly awaiting February’s issue, Helen. Looks like there will be some great projects in it – as always. Working on the Tea Cups Appliqué Panel – need to add the stitching details (and find some board/wood to put it on or maybe just do it as a regular wall hanging) and it’s looking great. Will send photos when I have it done.


Ah – thanks Kim – will look forward to seeing them, sure to be beautiful, your work is so lovely.


Just discovered you thru Craft Gossip…. where have I been…. isn’t just like me to come late to the party….! So looking forward to exploring your site and your newsletter…..


I’m loving what I see. Such calming and pretty colors everywhere. My favorite pattern is the summer birdie bag, I just love birds.


Thanks for the download!
This is my first time to see your site and I adore it!!!


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