Out and about… a visit to Greenway, Agatha Christie’s home

Today we had a lovely day out…. I dropped Ben at his favourite kennels first thing in the morning so he wouldn’t be home alone for hours (left him flirting with a pretty young dalmatian called Gina), then we hopped into the car, crossed the Dart on the Higher Ferry, and headed towards Greenway House .. 

Greenway House

 .. a beautiful house overlooking the river Dart – that also happens to be Agatha Christies’s old home – and is now owned by the National Trust.  Agatha Christie, who is possibly the most famous murder-mystery writer of all time, was a Devon girl from Torquay.  She wrote that Greenway was her dream house …

“One day we saw that a house was up for sale that I had known when I was young … So we went over to Greenway, and very beautiful the house and grounds were.  A white Georgian house of about 1780 or 90, with woods sweeping down to the Dart below, and a lot of fine shrubs and trees – the ideal house, a dream house.” 

Greenway: Drive to House

There is a long sweeping drive down to the house (can you spot Rosie & Dan ahead?) past Camellias in full bloom …. and a little electric golf buggy for those unable or unwilling to walk. We preferred to stroll, catching tantalising glimpses of the River Dart through the trees … 

Greenway across the Dart

 until, around the final corner we passed through reception and were met with the most wonderful sight …. 


…. the tearooms!! As Townie says “You can be sure of a good cup of tea with the National Trust!”  So we stopped for a little refreshment before proceeding to the tour of the house.  I can’t show you any photographs of the interior I’m afraid, as photography is strictly prohibited. Something to do with the Agatha Christie trust – I’m not quite sure of the details.  But it was a lovely interior, another house that felt really lived in – a true home – as though the previous owners had simply stepped out into the gardens and forgotten to return.  And the gardens are truly beautiful… 

Greenway House: Bluebells

Sloping banks covered in spring flowers, even some early bluebells.  These are the true English bluebell, characterised by their slightly drooping heads and generally much more delicate appearance than their Spanish cousins.  Then there were the walled gardens … 

Wisteria Buds.. we were a bit early for this wisteria.  I think we might return in a couple of weeks, it was smothered in buds and I think will be a wonderful sight when fully in bloom… 


 .. the glasshouses – so neat and tidy – no messy potting benches or spilled compost here.  And their speciality seemed to be succulents …

Succulents in Glasshouse

… with their beautiful plump rosettes of leaves…. 


Kitchen Garden

… cold frames along the kitchen garden wall, with trays of young plants, and the most beautiful …..  

Tulips in a Frame

 …blowsy, frilly tulips – aren’t they lovely?

So a wonderful day of blossom and bloom …  which made me think of one or two of my patterns … 

countrygardens..including a particular favourite, the Country Gardens applique design – which, like all the patterns in my shop is available for a 20% discount for this Easter weekend only.  Simply enter the code EASTERBUNNY at checkout to receive your discount.  Oh … and I nearly forgot – there’s a giveaway over on the Bustle & Sew Facebook page – just head on over for your chance to win a subscription to the Bustle & Sew Magazine.


oh! those Tulips, are the most beautifull ones I have ever seen!
thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Greenway! Agatha Christie is my favorite author, and being able to see her home (at least in part) was such fun. Easy to see why she felt such love for it. Certainly a wonderful day out for you and your family! Lovely flowers!
X Linda

Mair Griffiths

Hi Helen,
Just read your blog about Greenway. What an absolutely stunning place. Next time we are down your way, I know Beth would love a walk along there!!


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