Rosie’s Houseplants Giveaway

We haven’t had a giveaway for quite some time… and as Rosie pointed out to me when I was talking to her about this… “there’s no time like the present Mum!”

That was the day before yesterday.  Yesterday morning I spent quite some time wrapping and posting kits and, as usual, the bulk of the orders were for our Rosie’s Houseplants Kit.

This kit has been super-popular over the last few months, and particularly in the run up to the festive season.  It made Rosie and I very happy to think that across the world people were unwrapping one of our kits on Christmas morning – and its popularity made a Rosie’s Houseplants kit the obvious choice for our first giveaway of 2019.

As always the giveaway is free to enter and the winner will be chosen by random selection.  Entries will close at 12 midnight on Sunday 20 January.  We will post worldwide, so if you’re the winner, we’ll be happy to send your Rosie’s Houseplants kit anywhere from Iceland to Australia (and in-between as well!)

To enter our giveaway please just leave your name and email address below.  And please don’t worry, we NEVER share your details with anyone else.

The winner will be notified by email on Monday 21 January.  Good luck everyone!



I love this sampler! As well as your newsletters; thank you so much. I’d love to make this up for my high school daughter who loves plants (we’re in a bonsai club together). She’s also starting to get interested in embroidery, so it would be perfect.

Glenna C Denman

I am sorry, and angry, too, to hear of the theft of your Rosie the elephant pattern. I ordered the kit from you to make for my sister who loves elephants it is so darn cute and your fabric selection is so lovely. I am frustrated on your behalf that someone would sell the pattern as their own. I hope they cease doing so.


Thank you so much for your support Glenna. It seems that this seller is an ongoing problem – her website is full of patterns she has stolen from elsewhere. Fingers crossed she won’t be selling our pattern for much longer! I’m so pleased you liked our Flora kit 🙂 xx


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