Rosie’s Houseplants Kit Giveaway

In honour of mums (or moms of course!) everywhere we’ve decided to hold our first giveaway for some time – just in time for Mother’s Day here in the UK with the chance to win one of our amazingly popular Rosie’s Houseplants kits.

Usually when we hold a giveaway I feel very sorry that I can’t give everyone a prize – so this time we’re going to do things just a little differently.  If you’d like to enter please leave your details in the form at the end of this post- and we’d love to hear your top tip for stitchers if you have one you’d like to share.
Once the giveaway closes I plan to gather all the tips into a new collection which I will share with everyone who enters.  So even if you don’t win our top prize – the Rosie’s Houseplants Kit – you can be sure that a lovely, and really useful, collection of stitching tips will be coming your way very soon indeed.
So, to summarise, if you’d like the chance to win our kit – and be certain to receive the new, updated collection of tips for stitchers then please leave your name, email address and tip in the form below.
The giveaway will close on Wednesday 7 March and the winner of the kit will be chosen by random selection.  We will post anywhere in the world.
Good luck everyone!



Love this kit and pleased to return to Bustle and Sew.
Starting with your free download.’B’


Hi, Helen ~

Greetings from California!

My tip is to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you pick up your stitching project! This goes for sewing, quilting, and knitting projects, too. The oils from your hands along with hand lotion and anything else you’ve picked up between hand-washings can and will stain/discolor your foundation fabric and threads.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

April Lopez

My advice, especially to new stitchers, is to just enjoy the process of creating. Don’t worry about perfection. If I make a mistake I just incorporate into the piece, because seriously, no one will notice it. Just have fun.


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