Spring is on the way and a Facebook Giveaway

It might be chilly outside, but spring is definitely on the way, though it’s not here quite yet!  I’ve begun to notice that the days are growing just a little longer – I’m sitting here typing this just before 5 pm and it’s still quite light outside, when just a couple of weeks ago it would have been dark.  There are snowdrops in the hedgerows and earlier this week I treated myself to some lovely spring flowers ….

Which, with my much-loved sunshine yellow Roberts radio make a bright splash of colour on top of the old pine chest in the corner of my front room.

It was lovely walking the dogs along to the Farm Shop today too. The path winds along a south-facing bank so we enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine all the way, except when it disappeared behind one of the little fluffy clouds dotting the clear blue sky – when we suddenly realised how cold it actually is.  It was cold outside this afternoon too when I took my exciting new piece of equipment outside so I could take the best possible photos of the projects for the February Bustle & Sew Magazine….

Isn’t it wonderful!  It was made for me by my very clever friend Clive (Jacqui’s (Flapdoodledesigns) husband).  It is to help me take photos of all my projects and is constructed from MDF and tongue & groove panelling, painted white.  I can carry it to wherever the light is best, and hopefully manage to keep it free from dog hair(!).  Here are the February projects posing ….

And here’s the finished picture …..

I think it works rather well!  The best light was outside today, so I was able to take these pictures, when previously it would have been impossible for me.  Though it was rather chilly, and Daisy did become extremely bored as I fussed and fiddled to make sure everything was in exactly the right position ….

This month’s projects include a little Bustle & Sew needlebook featuring the Bustle & Sew bunny on the cover and, to celebrate the magazine’s fourth birthday, Rosie and I decided to have a giveaway for this needlebook over on our Facebook page…


To find out more and for your chance to win, please just head on over to our Facebook page.  Good luck everyone!



I love your photo backdrop- so classy! And I love all those projects! Tough to decide which to do first!


Fabulous photographic booth, taking photos can be almost impossible at this time of the year with the very low light levels and then in the summer there is too much light which bounces and reflects too much! Never happy are we? 🙂 I sometimes struggle when taking photos of my craft work for my blog. xx


Clive is so clever – though I am still struggling with the light – just the time of year I suppose, like you in the summer I’ll be seeking a shady spot instead!


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