We have a winner – and a special day!

First of all I’d like to say a great big “thank you” to everyone who entered our draw to win a Pin Cushion Mouse kit (to make a winter mouse like those above).  We tried a new way of accepting entries that seems to have worked very well as over 160 people responded.  Sadly, as always, though I wish I had a free kit for everyone, I’m afraid that simply isn’t possible.  I worked the random number generator and the winner is entrant number 28 who is Sharon Bailey.   I have emailed you Sharon, and thank you again to everyone else.    We do have a good supply of mouse kits in stock at the moment and, for the moment at least our Rosie’s Houseplants Kits are also back in stock.  And just to make things even better, by way of thank you to everyone who reads this blog, I’d like to offer you 10% off the price of all our kits for the next week.  Click here to visit the store and just enter code pincushion10 at checkout to claim your discount.

And now for the SPECIAL DAY!  We’ve all been partying madly here at Bustle & Sew HQ as the lovely Miss Daisy is celebrating her fifth birthday today.

She was so tiny when I brought her home – and Ben wasn’t at all sure what to make of his new baby sister…..

But they soon became the best of friends, she looked up to her big brother and protector (did I ever tell you about the Rottweiler that attacked her when she was only small, and how Ben chased him off?  That’s the sort of big brother you need!)

And they go (almost) everywhere together, though she has grown up to be VERY bossy indeed.  Now Ben is old and slow she is very careful not to hurt him when they play together, and always waits for him to catch up on walks.  What a good girl she (sometimes!) can be.

Happy birthday Miss Daisy!


Pam MacLennan

Oooh Happy Birthday Daisy. Hope you’ve had a fabulous birthday. Love hearing about your antics.


Thanks Pam – she is a bit of a pickle – sometimes living through her antics isn’t quite such fun though!! xx


Dear Daisy,

We’re so sorry we missed your birthday yesterday- our Mum forgot to tell us! But we hope you had a wonderful day full of fun and lots of treats.

Lots of love and woofs to you and Ben,
Inky and Echo
xxxx, woof, xxxx, woof.


Thank you so much Diana, Inky and Echo, Daisy had a lovely day … her favourite tea (of course) and an impromptu Pawty up at the village playing field with all her best friends. She was queen for the day!! Love to all xx


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