Back to normal and robin mittens for me!

Phew … here in England for the last week we have been experiencing a most unseasonal heatwave!  The thermometer has been well up into the 80s (that’s mid to upper 20s centigrade) and we’ve all unpacked our summer clothes, donned our flip flops and headed to the beach and other such places.  The photo above was taken at the weekend on the quay at Dartmouth, looking down the Dart towards Dartmouth Castle and out to sea.  Check out the blue sky!
We came back through Slapton – one of our favourite churches …. it was so lovely and cool inside …
… a contrast to the blazing sunshine outdoors.  But we all knew it couldn’t last – and somehow, although lovely, it didn’t feel quite right.  Ben was particularly fed up – he doesn’t like the heat at all and thought he was safe for the rest of the year.  Today, however, normal service has been resumed, and I don’t feel quite so silly knitting myself a pair of woolly fingerless mittens!
Aren’t they lovely? I used a pattern from Tiny Owl Knits.  These patterns are designed by Stephanie Dosen, an American singer who lives in London.  I adore her patterns, they are so delightfully whimsical.  I fell in love with this plump robin and her nest of sky blue eggs – and tweaked the original design slightly to give me a bigger, longer mitten so my paws would feel really cosy in the winter winds. (I really really hate having chilly fingers).
And I must admit, I did cheat a little – I swiss darned the motifs for strength (no changing yarns at the back) and easiness too – but I think everything turned out rather well.  Stephanie’s pattern was really easy to follow – and I think I know someone who would love her vintage kitten mittens for Christmas. (no, not you Rosie, if you’re reading this – you’ve already put in your request for the Nordic mittens from last month’s magazine!!)
Now the cooler weather really is here, I’m relishing getting back to knitting again – so look out for some Little Knitted Animals who’ll be popping up in my Etsy shop very soon…



They look warm. It is still warm here but I expect it will get colder soon.
Nice to see someone else Swiss Darning, I was seen doing it where I work and was asked to demonstrate it. I love embroidering that way!
Julie xxxxxxxx


Your mitts are adorable, Helen.
I am enjoying learning about Tiny Owl Knits.
Just found her a month or so ago and am knitting her The BeeKeeper's Quilt hexie puffs.
I have a couple of question pertaining to your mitts.
a. such lovely yarn – I've not knit with yarn such as this, what is it?
b. swiss darning the designs – is this similar to duplicate stitching?
Enjoy your blog, tremendously.


Your mitts are so cute! I have the same question as Gerry…is swiss darning similar to duplicate stitching on knits?

Hannah @ BubbleBay

I saw these mittens in Mollie Makes and I LOVE them. I so wish I could knit! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hannah x


I love those gloves. I was really suprised to hear they were designed by Stephanie, I saw her perform live last year and she has a beautiful voice, I met her afterwards and she was also very lovely and has a great sense of style. I will add these to my list of things to make.
Kandi x


I love your mitts, and thank you for introducing me to Tiny Owl Knits.
Thank you for all the wonderful patterns and ideas you share.


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