Christmas is coming … well in a little while anyway!

All around me in blog land there are whisperings and rustlings … Christmas is on the way for crafters … and although I was quite determined not to publish anything Christmassy until after the Vintage & Nostalgia Fair next week I’ve finally given in and present to you my Little Reindeer Pattern.  I’ve been working on him for some time and think he has a suitably retro feel – his shape is modelled on the Babysham deer (for those old enough to remember the 1970s adverts!)
I wanted that real baby Bambi shape for his back legs and they were rather tricky to get just right.  I’m pleased with them now though. The pattern is for sale now on Bustle & Sew as an instant download – just click here to go to the page if you’d like to purchase.
Off to do some more labelling now – and start packing ready for next week’s event – so excited can hardly wait!  We are in the Market Hall, Totnes, starting at 9 am – and the little reindeer, plus many of the other makes you’ve seen on my blog will be for sale on my stall.  Hope to see some of you there xx


Linda Gilbert

He is gorgeous– Of course I am far too young to remember the yellow paraphernalia that surrounded the Babycham advert and how sophisticated you felt as the bubbles burst on your nose!


Oh he is absolutely gorgeous. I remember those adverts – I also drank the stuff too!
Julie xxx

Muddling Through

What a gorgeous little reindeer/Bambi! I don't suppose you'd consider knitting a few to put in your shop??


Wow the market hall at Totnes eh ?
Big stuff 🙂 x x x
Is that near the bottom car park or the top one ?


I am a newsletter subscriber who cannot figure out how to do the free download of the owl pattern. Please help!! I feel so stupid.


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