Circus Parade – Part Two

Lunch yesterday was yummy!!  And pudding …… sponge and custard …ooooooohhh….. and today – tight waistband!!  But after catching up with the housework and taking Ben for a long walk this morning, I feel I’ve earned a little rest.  So I thought I’d show you the fabric that started me thinking about circus-themed designs.
It’s a 1950s barkcloth and I only have about a yard … but what a fantastic, fun-packed yard of fabric it is!  There are lions and leopards, poodles, zebras and monkeys, not to mention sea lions and donkeys …
I have a couple of my own Bustle & Sew patterns in mind with a circus theme … one I showed you the beginnings of yesterday. I have thoughts about monkeys too, but they are only in existence as some working sketches at present.  I do have another pattern to share with you today though – the wonderful Big Top knitting pattern that I published in two parts over the first two issues of the magazine.
Isn’t it wonderful!  I know a few subscribers have started knitting already, and now I’ve listed it in my Etsy shop too.  And if you would like to purchase – don’t forget your 15% discount code, BLOGREADER2, which will be valid until midnight Sunday (GMT).

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