I have been busy ….

I have been so busy … last week the family were here and they behaved rather like Mama Pig and her babies in the picture above!! My larder was quite empty after they left – sadly the same could not be said for the laundry basket which was overflowing with sheets and towels! Luckily the weather here in south Devon has been dry and sunny and yesterday whilst hanging out the latest load of sheets to dry I realised that the elderflowers were just perfect for making elderflower cordial – a great family favourite.

I collected together all the ingredients and soon had a couple of bottles of the delicious stuff squirrelled away in the fridge. If you’d like to see how I did it, then please visit my other blog, Notes from a Devon Village.

I found time to sit out in the gazebo though …
and made a little progress on my nasturtiums pattern

But I have been a little distracted from embroidery this week. Inspired by this lovely blog, Attic 24, I have decided to learn to crochet!! I never did learn as a youngster, being much more interested in knitting and sewing. I now have a pile of slightly wonky granny squares and am planning to make them up into a cushion cover soon … will show you when it’s done!

I do enjoy other people’s blogs, I can easily lose myself in them for hours. Another favourite is Our New Life in the Country and I have loved to laugh at the adventures of Martha and Betty the farm’s pigs – so when I came across this pattern for Mama Pig and her babies I knew I had to share it with you. Just click here to download your free pdf file.


I am too curious. What are you doing with the nasturtiums. This looks very interesting.



The Nasturtiums look lovely and like Sandi I'm curious too…….. I love crochet and happy to teach anybody who would like to learn it!
Julie xxxxxxxx


Hi Julie & Sandi – thank you for your comments – the nasturtiums are for a new pattern – will post again soon, but they are only progressing slowly at present. Crochet is harder than knitting!! Am confused with US and UK instructions. Wish you lived close enough to show me, or that I had taken more notice of my Grandma when she offered to teach me…sigh….


The piggies are gorgeous, will have to download that pattern and am off to find out how you made the elderflower cordial. It sounds scrummy!


Oh my, the pigs are ADORABLE!!

I had not heard of elderflower cordial until I read about it in a fiction book last night ("Remarkable Creatures") — too funny to have read about it in a book last night, then on your blog this morning :).

Did I mention how adorable those pigs are?!!


Those pigs are just fabulous. They do remind me of some people in my household. I think I might be mama pig. Thanks for the link to attic24. That's quite the find.


The pigs are just the cutest! Thank you so much for generously sharing patterns. Ohhhhh and the Elderflower cordial sounds delightful!! I just may have to try this myself one day!


Hi! My mother in law taught me how to crochet this year and i have found it pretty easy to pick up, i now enjoy it better than knitting as its quicker and easier to me. I started with granny squares and they're so easy to make into nice blankets! So good luck with that! Attic 24 is a great blog for instructions and ideas.

Your pigs are gorgeous!! and your applique flowers are looing lovely!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy

Piggin Eck those piggies are sooooo adorable – you really are one of the most clever people I know!!!! xxxx Really!!!!


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