In which I am not better…

Thank you so much everyone who sent me their best wishes for a speedy recovery.  I am sorry I have not responded to you individually but that is because unfortunately I am not making a speedy recovery.  I am sure Rosie would tell me that my immune system is becoming less efficient due to my advanced(!) age…  Never mind … Ben persuaded me to take him down to Lannacombe beach earlier and I am sure that the fresh air and wellie boot full of sea water will have done me good! 
However, I have been enjoying some gentle knitting – my little bunny now has his jumper – though I haven’t made an alternative fabric top for non-knitters yet – maybe tomorrow ….
As I haven’t any new work to show you today, I thought I’d give you a quick sneak preview of the work I have been doing on my Rosie & Bear quilt.  I have been busy mounting the embroideries in 10″ squares from a Moda Layer Cake (this one’s Flora by Lauren and Jessi Jung) using reverse applique.  Then I’ve set them into 13.5″ blocks ready to piece into the full 12-month quilt. More to follow soon … plus photos of the remaining blocks that will (at last) complete the set. 


Darling Bunny! And awesome Rosie and Bear blocks. I love how you've framed them using reverse applique.
Please take care and get well soon.
X Linda


Bunny looks fab in his knitted jumper and Rosie and bear blocks are adorable.
Hope you feel better soon take care!


Oh Helen you are so talented. I took Poppy and Blue onto the beach this afternoon and we had great fun.


Your Rosie and Bear quilt blocks are gorgeous and oh, the bunny is so sweet. Am I too old for one?
The wellie boot of sea water doesn't sound like fun but I'm sure Ben is worth it.

Papgena Made It

Hope you're feeling better!
Your bunny is so cute and I do love your rosie and bear! They look lovely framed that way, I think if some day I could have a room to my crafts I would love to see them hanging in the wall just like that!


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