Little Knitted Bunny – the video!!

Just to say … an ENORMOUS THANKYOU to everyone who left comments for me below.  I’ve emailed quite a few folks- but can’t find addresses for everyone so please accept my thanks here.  I’m planning a lovely afternoon tomorrow browsing through all the sites you suggest. 
I have been wondering lately about using stop-motion video to help show more details of my designs.  (And to have fun with as well!!)  I have just listed two little knitted bunnies on Etsy, and had a little play with my camera – the first time ever I have attempted this.  So please forgive everything that’s wrong with this very short video – I promise to improve in the future!!  I used Windows Movie Maker – the little program that comes as part of Windows and it was sooo easy – more (and better) Bustle & Sew stop-motion videos coming soon.


Caroline Lovis (Redneedle)

I loved it! – what an innovative way to sell a product. I'm sure this bunny will find a new home very quickly.


Wonderful!!!! Great job and very sweet bunny! I loved your choice of background music, as well. Will look forward to future videos!
X Linda


Wonderful~I literally giggled out loud when you showed his little white tail. Your work is just so lovely.


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