Mousie mousie … and who’s the lucky winner?

And without further ado … the judges were ready … the excitement was building …. the canine random selector implement (aka Amy’s front paw!) was operational … and the winner is …. biscuit – sorry, make that comment – number THREE!!! Number 3 is Lemonade Kitty. Well done Lemonade Kitty and so sorry to everyone else. The judges were very happy though, even more comments (sorry biscuits) this time, so thank you to everyone for entering. Hope those who’ve decided to sew the buttons themselves have fun – they’re really nice to make.
Yesterday I decided to take a break, the weather was wonderful so after taking Ben on a nice long walk in the morning, Amy and I decided to visit Totnes in the afternoon. We popped into This n That and discovered that Lesley is organising a “Nostalgic Mix” Vintage and Handmade Fair in Totnes in October. So of course I put my name down for a table. I was rummaging around in my cupboard and I’ve quite a few things to sell, particularly the samples I make to photograph for my patterns, like Bunny Floppy Ears and the Groovy Bird Pillow.
It’s ages since I did a Fair and I’m looking forward to it very much. Of course I shall need lots of stock of all sizes, and I think the Mousie Mousie toy at the top of this post will be popular. I can see the Mousies as cat toys, pocket toys, maybe on a baby’s mobile, to use as a pin cushion or even as a Christmas tree decoration(!) I was busy in my knitting corner (above) this afternoon working on the Mousies you see in the picture – once the pattern was sorted they only took about 30 minutes each – that’s how easy they are!
I’m also working on a little dressed mouse pattern, it’s not quite ready yet, but in the meantime if you’d like to download the Mousie Mousie pattern as a free pdf file, then please just click here. The Mousies are really easy to make, knitted on straight needles and only one seam. (all my own patterns are easy, I’m not good at designing complicated shapes!). They’re great for using up oddments too.

Just had to leave you with this final photo of the white Mousie. He looks just like Amy when she’s trying to persuade me to part with some titbit. (even though Amy is a large black dog, somehow the wistful look is the same).

Will be back with the dressed mice next time.



Congratulations to lemonade Kitty…you lucky thing! the mousies are brilliant, will be downloading that pattern certainly and thank you X

all kinds of everything

congratulations to the winner!
Lovely mouses,I'm not a good knitter but it seems to me a very nice way to learn:))
Tank you for sharing!
Suzanne xxx

Linda Gilbert

Lovely,, lucky lovely little mice. I bet they will be very much welcomed at Lemonade Kitty's
Regards Linda

Felted House

Thanks for popping over to my blog to say Happy Birthday! I love your mice, they have such great expressions – and very kind of you to share the pattern, I'm just printing it off and will store it away to try when I have more time! I like small projects to do as I have some hope then of finishing them, although knitting/crochet with a kitten is proving a bit too difficult at the moment! xx

Country Girl in the City

These are so cute. Thanks for sharing the pattern. This is just what I need, a quick little project as I don't have very much crafting time with three small children!

Have a great day.

Amanda Cluxton

Is the cute Mousie pattern still available? I’d love to make some for my two kitties.

Thanks for sharing the great idea!


Hi Amanda – wow this is really old! It’s not online any more, but if you could email me then I will send it to you direct. Please email [email protected]. xx


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