Sausage Dog and a Winner

Spot the similarities with the picture at the top of my last post! I have told Ben that this is what he will look like after a diet of bread and water if he dares to help himself to anything that doesn’t belong to him ever again! He is not at all afraid this would actually happen and so has made no promises to improve his behaviour!
Meanwhile, the English summer is living up to expectations – there’s a howling gale and driving rain outside and a draught excluder is just what we need for the back door. I rather like this Sausage Dog – he’s very easy to knit – and if you’d like him too, then please just click here for the free download.
Now for the all important announcement … Amy waggled her paw and chose a biscuit .. and the winner of the Rosie Posie Journal is … number 23!! Well done number 23 you were eaten first!! And after counting twice just to be certain I think that’s Lesley. Please get in touch with your postage details and your journal will very soon be winging its way to you.
A big thank you to everyone else for entering – I wish I could give you all a prize. I did so much enjoy reading about all your favourite flowers, and was happy to pass all the hugs and good wishes on to Amy, who is feeling more like herself again now.
Off now to work on my July Newsletter for subscribers ……….


congratulations for Lesley , and your Ben must be shocked when he saw the sausage dog.. he surely won't take anything anymore 🙂


Hey, is that me? Many thanks Ben. That's the first time I've ever won anything in a giveaway, and I really wanted that journal soooo much. I've got a silly grin on my face now. Thank you so much.
My e-mail is
[email protected]

Mikala Borti

I invite them to read my diary, am a teenager who seeks to be listened. Maybe someone could help with my problems and also to amuse itself with my thoughts… I wait For Them!!


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