Year of the Rabbit – Part One: A Giveaway …

I found out a little while ago that 3 February sees the start of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.  Although I have never owned a rabbit, I have been friends with several over the years – they are endearing, enchanting little animals.  So, I felt that I couldn’t let this special date pass without celebration.  I am currently completing a special Year of the Rabbit embroidery pattern, but it’s not quite ready to show yet.  So meanwhile … I have decided that I must part with this little fellow …
He’s been sitting on my desk helping me with my work for a little while now.  But I can’t help thinking he might be happier in a home where there was someone to play with him, so feel the time has come to let him go.  He’s handknitted (by me) in pure wool and stands about 13″ tall to the tips of his ears.  His eyes are felt and his whiskers embroidered so he’d make a lovely gift for a child, with ribbon removed of course!
If you’d like the chance to win this young bunny then please leave a comment below telling me what his new name would be.  (I call him Bunnikins, but that’s just me!) before midnight (GMT) Sunday 9 January.  The winner will be chosen by random selection and bunny will be despatched promptly (overseas is fine).
Good luck everyone – and I’ll be back with my new pattern a bit later this week.


By Hoki Quilts

I'm going for Tarquin. My two year old grand-daughter has every little animal going in her room (all knitted or sewn with love), but this Grandma just hasn't got round to making a bunny, please help and put my name in the draw,
Many thanks for you kindness


He's darling! When I was a little girl (about 100 years ago) I had a New Zealand White Rabbit as a pet. His name was Samuel P. Bunny and I called him Sam, for short. The "P" initial stood for Peter.

If I were to be the lucky winner of this darling bunny I'd call him "Peter Cottontail."

I'm always in awe over your wonderful creations.



I would name him Charles after a very good friend I lost this year. He would have adored your sweet bunny.


He is adorable! I would name him Jerry, after a rabbit I had as a child, but since I would gift him to my soon-to-be-born nephew, I suppose I might have to let him pick his own name for this cutie. Karin


I don't know why but the word BRINDLE popped into my head, so that should be his name
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


Since our 20 month old grandgirl carries around a bear named Otis I think Ollie is a good name for a bunny!


Oh, this is one seriously cute bunny! I'd like his new name to be Arthur, which is the middle name of the new baby I'd like to be his best friend (providing I can avoid my daughter getting her hands on him first!)
I'm sure you'll miss him; thanks for the chance to give him a new home.


He's gorgeous! How kind of you to gift him to a new family! He would find lots of love here…and gentle kisses.

We would call him Devon as a reminder of his birthplace.

Thanks for the chance to give him a new home.



Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [06 Jan 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


I would call him Buttons, after a rabbit i had when i was younger, also he has the cutest little button nose 🙂


My new grandniece that is due in about a week that would be just the wee girl to attach to the bunny. We can call him EMB (pronounced as M-b) as a nickname for Evelyn Marie's Bunny. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.


My little son would call him Nuna, from the hungarian nyuszi (=bunny). Do you think, we could participate in your giveaway from Hungary?
I love your blog, very nice! 🙂


My new little great grandson would love him. Thank you for your generous giveaway. A name? How about 'Nibbles'?


I'd call him Peter, and then make a little felt blue jacket for him!!! With little blue buttons! Oh so cute!!


Wow, thank you for offering up your beloved "Bunnikins." If I win, he will be well taken care and much loved! 😉
Hmmmm…my daughter had a beloved bunny named "bunny"; but bunny mysteriously disappeared, who looked everywhere, she's now thirty and still has not forgotten, "bunny." He was well worn, when he was lost.
Thanks again,


I live in the Netherlands, and that trip would take too long for such a small rabbit.
Maybe you want the pattern to share with us, so he can have a brother or sister in the Netherlands?
Greetings, Anita


don't tell my rabbits it's year of the rabbit – I've got 4 and they're spoilt rotten! When I got my last bunny – Harry, my husband wouldn't let me give him the name of my choice so I'd give that name to this little fella – Humphrey. Perfect rabbit name (says's bun-mum to Tiff, Colin, Harry and Ellis – guess which name I chose!)


This little guy would be named Gingerbread! He's so sweet, like the Velveteen Rabbit. Oh, and I collect rabbits….. – Wendy


Ooh I think he would have to be named Gray or perhaps Peter, after a certain other rabbit. My 13 month old little boy has just started to carry his teddies around everywhere with him and I think a rabbit would certainly make a cuddly alternative to his old ted.


He's precious and looks like he might want to hop out of one of my boys' Easter baskets… I think we'd name him Mr. Benjamin Brown 🙂


Well , as I am French, why not : Jeannot, because it is "Jeannot Lapin" in the stories of Peter Rabbit …


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