A couple of questions for you …..

Question One: 

Can anybody who routinely sticks their applique work  to their ironing board with their carelessly discarded Bondaweb trimmings ever be taken seriously as a designer/stitcher?  (Not mentioning who this might be of course!)

Question Two:

Will you be wearing your hexies like this next summer?  (Thanks to my lovely neighbour Julie for saving this clipping for me!)

Would love to hear your thoughts …….


Helen, I don’t think you will run out of ideas for sewing, but if you do you can always start making dresses (applique of Ben would be your trade mark). I can’t imagine starting to patchwork clothes.


Love the picture of the dress – I used to have a skirt in the seventies that I made using the Dresden Plate (I was not allowed to wear it out – long story I will tell you about it sometime) I just wanted one like Felicity Kendal wore in The Good Life. But I have instructions for a fifties patchwork quilt so I may make that one day!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


I am hexagon crazy but I’m not sure I’m that addicted.
I think my children might have a fit if I wore something like that.
Though I will need something to wear for my youngest 21st in November .

Umm – not really serious.
Might have to send her the link just for a laugh


Awesome gown!! Have you ever sewn the skirt you are wearing into the seam of the dress you are making?

Laura Conklin

The hexie dress is beautiful, but I can’t picture myself wearing it. I’m too short and curvy. Maybe a vest or something like that in a hexie pattern. It’s good when we can laugh at ourselves and our foibles! I love hand stitching and embroidery, but like any endeavor, they can have their mistaken moments which I hope I can always handle with humor.


I think the dress as shown would be heavy. I can see adding some “hexies’ to a denim shirt, jacket or jeans…but not a whole dress..


Do you know what, I was looking at that and thinking, I would never wear that in 100 years but actually, if it was all in cream, I could see myself wearing it as would give an interesting texture to the plain colour. Having said that, cream really is not practical with a dog and toddler, so no, I probably won’t be wearing that next year!


beth you are right it would look lovely in cream. Maybe add some featherstitching. Unfortunately I am also a little practical and wearing cream requires special consideration. I managed to splash beetroot on my white teashirt yesterday and I was being careful!


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