A lovely sunny day

At this time of the year the sun is very low in the sky and the daylight hours are short, so days like today are treasured – bright, if rather chilly sunlight, and not a cloud to be seen in the sky – wonderful!  The newfies enjoy days like this, loving the cold, they are full of energy, prancing along on their leads and charging away up the bridlepath the moment it’s safe to let them run free.  Although they know much better than to chase sheep, if they see a field full of the woolly creatures they simply have to wander up to the gate and take a look.  Usually the sheep retreat a little – though they’re not really bothered by dogs on the other side of the gate – they’re far too wise for that, but today a couple stood their ground and I was able to get a good photo of the courageous pair …

Then we went on our way, up the hill towards the Farm Shop and Garden Centre.  No Christmas trees quite yet, but some beautiful indoor bulbs to admire …

While my furry companions waited outside to meet and greet their friends.  They could have come inside, but Ben’s tail is very dangerous when plants are displayed on low trestles – one sweep of that furry apendage will easily send half-a-dozen pots crashing to the floor ….

Then home again with a nice crusty loaf, some vegetables for homemade soup and (whisper!) two special homebaked dog biscuits at the bottom of my bag!  I brought in some extra logs for the woodburner this evening – I think it’s going to be chilly when the sun goes down ….

And time to finish assembling my pincushion mouse kits – ready for a special offer coming next week!

But more about that next time!


Lovely pictures, I can smell the hyacinths from here, Ben and Daisy’s tongues made me smile – was it a competition, “mine tongue is longer that yours!”
Julie xxxx


Haha! But Daisy has black markings on her tongue so wins every time – in her opinion of course!


It was lovely here today too and I have brought in extra logs! Beautiful indoor bulbs and heavenly scent too. Ben and Daisy look quite happy greeting everyone at the gate 🙂


Oh yes, they are both VERY sociable dogs! Most people seem to love them too and as they were firmly tied well to the side of the gate, non-dog-lovers could easily pass by without any worries.


Hi Helen,it’s been a lovely day here too,I’v spent 3 hours in the garden just pottering.LOVE your pics,those doggies are adorable,hope they enjoyed their biscuits.Can’t wait to see more about the lil meeces kits,i collect anything to do with mice lol,don’t know why,I love their feet.Have a good week.Cuddles for the newfies.xx



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