A Splashy Crashy visit to Lannacombe

Sunday night was blustery, with heavy showers and even a rumble or two of thunder – nearly drowning out the sound of canine snoring coming from the slumbering Newfies safely snuggled into their nice comfy beds.  Monday morning dawned bright and breezy, and the tide was low – the perfect opportunity for a visit to one of our favourite beaches – Lannacombe.  When we arrived the surf was definitely up …

“Pfff!” snorted the Newfies – “A few crashy splashy waves won’t stop us swimming – nothing stops us Newfies you know!”  And so in they marched …..

Wearing very determined expressions upon their furry faces.  Only to discover (as Daisy nearly disappeared beneath the foam) that perhaps the waves were rather larger and more violent than they had realised…….

And so, pretending that nothing was amiss and they’d simply changed their minds,  they retreated to the safety of the sandy beach where I was busy taking artistic photos of the reflected clouds …

And in trying to help, Daisy once again nearly disappeared beneath the surface as she discovered a rather deep hollow in the sand.  As they say “there’s always one!” and in our case it’s always Daisy!!

Then there was the chance to potter around the rock pools. … you can never be sure what you’ll discover beneath the seaweed or hiding behind the pebbles.  Not much to see today though, probably sheltering from the storm …

And then Ben had one of his (not very) super-intelligent and good ideas …

“If I keep very still I wonder if Mum will think I am a rock and let me stay here ALL DAY?”  I’m afraid not Mr Benjamin, lots to do at home today!  We’ll visit again soon.


Hello Helen! Love the new website!!! What fun you must have had designing the new site. And as usual, I love your blog reads. Those two newfies remind me of my two yorkies. I too have one who is laid back and the other, if there is trouble…he will find it. Ha!! Keep inspiring us. And I have to say I so enjoy your articles in your magazine. Sharing the stories of your lovely countryside, and the history sewing stories you share. They draw me right in and I just can’t put the magazine down. The only thing better would be joining you countryside for a wonderful tea!!! I share your blog stories with my challenged daughter and she just loves your stories about your newfies. She laughs because the stories sound just like ours. Your blog followers..Peg and Chris


Thanks so much, that’s really lovely of you to say so, I’m delighted you’re enjoying Bustle & Sew. Yorkies are tiny dogs with an enormous attitude I always think and remember my first newfie, Amy being bossed around by a little Yorkie she met on one of her walks. Hilarious!


I bet you all had the most wonderful time on Lannacombe Beach. Hope there wasn’t too much rolling in the seaweed………..
Julie xxxxxxxx


Ben & Daisy………… I went back to read about your quilt top pic 27th September and looked to see how it was made (Ben came back rather smelly from a jaunt on the beach after rolling in the seaweed)
I’m sure you wouldn’t roll in the seaweed……
Julie xxxxxxx


Hi Helen and Rosie,
I love your new website, such lovely projects. I also have a Daisy (Westie) and she gets up to as much mischief as your Daisy. You are so lucky to go on lovely long walks with Ben and Daisy. x


Thanks Karen, Westies are lovely dogs, I had one called Lucy a VERY long time ago and she was a little sweetie too. Hope your pattern arrived OK now and you enjoy making it – I’d love to see a picture when you’re done. xx


Gorgeous photos Helen, very atmospheric. Hilarious when Daisy found the waves bigger than she thought and then disappeared in a hollow! Poor Daisy 🙂 I bet their coats take some drying out after gambolling in the water and sand:)
Lynn xx


Yes, it was really funny – and Daisy doesn’t care one bit! We have a most efficient dog blaster, which they both pretend to hate – but do seem to enjoy once we get started and all the tickly sand and salt is being blasted from their coats. xx


Hi Helen,Such Beautiful photo’s,Ben and Daisy are soooo adorable,being a dog walker myself here in Cornwall,I LOVE all dogs.We also have adventures and naughty step moments but one look at their happy faces and waggy tails,I just can’t be cross.We are so lucky in the UK and should embrace our wonderful scenery and coastline.Loving the new website and all your amazing creations.Not enough hours in the day but I will make something to show you soon.Hugs


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