A trip to Bath and some Christmas preparations

I’ve been a bit quiet this week –  because I haven’t been here!! I’ve been up at Rosie and Dan’s house near Bath having a wonderful time.  I’ve wanted to visit the Bath Christmas Market for years, though somehow it’s never happened .. until this year when Rosie and I hopped onto the Bath park and ride bus and headed into the city centre ….

We had a lovely time wandering up and down between the rows of stalls, packed with all kinds of tempting goodies.  I was very restrained though, content simply to enjoy the atmosphere (and the delicious hot chocolate Rosie treated me to!), but I did acquire some tasty homemade dog biscuits and some outstandingly moreish brownies.  Sadly both the biscuits and brownies have already disappeared so I can’t show them to you.

After an hour or two at the market we headed up town towards the recently opened Anthropologie store – I LOVE Anthropologie with its stacks of pretty china and stylish Christmas displays …

And there I was very much tempted to purchase of all things – a stapler!  My old one was rather wonky and unreliable, and I hadn’t got around to replacing it.  But when I saw this vision of stapler loveliness, I was very glad I hadn’t ….

Seen here on my table, the most elegant spotted dog/stapler I have ever seen.  So much nicer than your standard-issue black plastic version.

The tiny vase on the left of the photo holds a few hazel twigs bearing small green catkins found on a recent walk.  Hazel is generally early of course, but I haven’t found catkins in the first week of December before.  In the front right hand corner is a project for the January issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – a baby mouse with her mini (1/2″) hexagon quilt.

Then, when I returned home yesterday, after experiencing all the Christmasssy loveliness in Bath I decided to get out my own box of decorations.  Much to the Newfies’ disgust I quickly discovered a pair of canine torture instruments (aka dog Santa hats!).  I got Daisy to try hers on (Ben quickly made himself scarce) – and here she is with a very rebellious expression on her black furry face ….

She’s so totally unimpressed!  And then Rosie sent me a text to say she too was unpacking her decorations – with a little help from Tilly……

What a pretty girl!  It’s her first Christmas of course, so she has no idea what to expect.  Hopefully she won’t be chewing the branches off the Christmas tree like a certain Mr Benjamin did when he was very young!  And thinking of trees … I also discovered the Christmas tree stand cover I assembled from some bits and pieces found around my workroom last year ….

I had intended to take it apart after Christmas last year, but it still looks rather nice I think.  If you’re looking for an easy low-cost way to dress your Christmas tree stand, then please do take a look at my original post when I blogged about how I put this cover together.  I’ve just re-read that post and guess what – I STILL haven’t got around to making a Christmas tree skirt.  Ah well ……..


Thats something I always wanted to do too, go the the Bath Christmas Markets, We love Bath
Julie xxxxxxxx


Ahhh bless ’em doesn’t Daisy look sweet in her hat and Tilly looks so cute 🙂 Just adore your stapler Helen and the owl lamp! Cute little mouse too 🙂 So glad you enjoyed your time with Rosie shopping in Bath.


It’s always lovely going to markets. I don’t get there very often but when I do, I really enjoy it. What cute expressions on Daisy and Tilly’s faces. Your squirrels are fantastic at the bottom of the tree. I love it!


Thanks Christine, but they didn’t stay there for very long – Daisy was far too interested in them! xx


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