All about my socks!


 Daisy is growing up fast and developing a proper little personality of her own.  In many things she loves to copy her Big Brother – whatever he does she does too, whether it’s swimming….


 posing …..

Daisy and Ben

 or even sleeping!!


 But in other ways she is very much her own little self – and has developed some endearing little habits all of her own.  One of these concerns my wellies – and my welly socks!  Every morning I come downstairs to find both wellies and socks laid out in the hall (I think the idea is that they’re ready for me to put on and take them out for their morning walk).  She doesn’t chew them – though the socks at least do feel a little soggy when I retrieve and put them away (morning walk is after breakfast!).  

It’s just as well she isn’t destructive as these particular socks are irreplaceable!  They are hand-knitted from alpaca and are the last remaining pair from a batch I purchased at a market in Ullabamba when we visited Peru nearly a decade ago.  (The only reason I still have them is that they slipped down the back of my sock drawer and were lost for several years.  This does say something about the state of my sock drawer!!).  

Peru 2004

Thinking about my socks, and our trip to Peru, I dug out the memory stick with the photos and thought you might like to see just a few. We trekked through the Andes on horseback – wonderful horses – Peruvian Pasos who have the most comfortable smooth gait – perfect for really seeing the countryside, rather than simply passing through by coach or in a car.  And of course we visited places that a motor vehicle probably couldn’t have reached.  

Peru 2004

 That’s me in the pale blue top, fourth from the right.

Peru 2004

 The landscape was stunning – bleak (it was their mid-winter) but oh, so beautiful.  A harsh place to make a living though …

Peru 2004

 Potatoes are a staple crop – they have to be dry before they can be stored.

Peru 2004

 At night we set up camp – in the most beautiful locations.  A jeep took our luggage and the tents from campsite to campsite – cheating?  Well, yes – I guess so, but otherwise we would have needed a train of pack ponies!

Peru 2004

It was very cold in the mornings – we were very high up and the air was thin.  

Peru 2004

 One morning we passed a herd of alpacas – this is where our alpaca yarn comes from!

Peru 2004

 And of course, after saying goodbye to the horses, we had to visit Machu Pichuu…. 

Peru 2004

Though by this time we were quite worn out!

And that is the story of my socks …. I am glad Daisy hasn’t chewed them – though I know they won’t last forever.  But my holiday memories will and I’ve really enjoyed  revisiting them with you.


I’ve loved discovering Ruby’s personality as it’s developed too. Daisy seems like such a poppet. Great photographs of Peru. My husband visited there many times on business, but I never have and now he’s retired it seems unlikely that I ever will.


Daisy is such a little charmer…must get that from her big brother, too!
Thanks for sharing your Peruvian holiday. Would love to visit Machu Pichuu one day.
Your socks must be so soft and warm! I love to knit, and I made a pair of alpaca mittens a few years ago that I dearly love. The yarn was such a pleasure to work with, soft and so eager to become whatever I wanted it to be….
X Linda


Daisy and Ben are such a pair! She seems precocious, Helen and a real sweetheart. I love the photos of she and her Big Brofur together. How’s Ben’s poor foot? I hope he’s on the mend.Next time Daisy sets up your wellies and socks, do take a photo for us, would you?

Cheers from Texas!



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