Another peek behind the scenes …

Thank you so much everyone for all your kind comments on the making of Miss Matilda Catkin – who I’m delighted to report is now finished, though I haven’t taken her official photographs yet.  But a lot of people told me they liked to see what went on behind the scenes, before I present my finished projects, so I thought you might like a peep into this afternoon’s activities.

Of course before you start work it’s very important to make sure your “helpers” are all quiet and content – especially our little visitor who, I have to say, is more trouble than both the Newfies put together.  However, even lively energetic puppies have to stop and rest sometimes ….

She looks as though she’s finally managed to find her inner newfie – though I don’t think for a moment she’ll stay this way for long!  But anyway, while they were all resting, having enjoyed fun and games in the garden, a long walk, and a delicious tea, I sat down and switched on my laptop.  It’s been cloudy and a little chilly here this afternoon, so I’m back indoors ….

Though there’s no need to light the log burner just yet!  Here’s the view from my laptop – I am stacking up projects that need their patterns writing for this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine.  There’s my Toadstools Patchwork bag and Miss Matilda Catkin – looking very pretty in her vintage feedsack dress with little lace trim.  She also has a lovely necklace decorated with a flower-shaped button, but I’m not sure if you can make it out very well in this picture.  My Cath Kidston mug was a gift from Rosie a few years ago now.  Sadly it has a hairline crack in the side so I can’t use it for coffee any more, but it looks very pretty holding an assortment of pens, pencils and brushes. At the back is a blue box that contained my new camera – very exciting!  I’m still learning how to use it, but already I think I’m taking much better pictures than before.  Then on the other side of my laptop (I’m a very messy worker I’m afraid) ….

Is what I think will be the final set of three images for my Christmas Woodland Friends hoops.  There’s a bear, fox and (disappearing from view on the right) a rabbit wearing his Christmas stockings on his ears!  I draw my designs out quite a few times, tweaking and changing, before I reach this final version that I hope will be good enough to scan and print ready to work with.  You can see the dotted lines marking the bottom of the hoops and at the top is a rejected bear  – I think there was a problem with his scarf.

Then over the coming evenings I’ll be stitching them ready to photograph for the magazine.  But my canine friends are on the move and I think I’d better go and see what’s happening – what mischief Tilly has led Daisy and Ben into now, I wonder!?


I assure you butter most definitely would melt in that naughty puppy’s mouth! She is gorgeous – but so mischievous too!


Beautiful photo of Miss Tilly and lots of lovely projects being created for the next magazine – you are so very creative.


Thank you Linda – but I do wish I could be a TIDIER creative person. I daren’t show you my workroom after a making session!!


Love your creative ‘mess’. Every month I print cute projects from your e-zine that I want to make, but I just can’t keep up with it …
Totally in love with your Christmas Woodland Friends Hoops, though, they are on top of my list for Christmas 🙂


Aw, thanks so much Eva – I’ve loved making them, though sadly I won’t be able to keep them for myself as Rosie has already staked her claim – even the yet to be stitched ones! Ah well ….. xx


Thank you so much for your blog and lovely patterns, I have made several carol singing mice and trying to make time to make more lovely things from your magazine. If only I did not work fulltime!! Thanks again Helen and looking forward to the October issue. x


Hi Helen,I absolutely adore Tilly and the Newfoundland are soooo beautiful and gentle creatures.I am a dog walker in St.Agnes Cornwall.I can’t wait to make my first project from the magazine being a new subscriber,so exciting you are sooo talented and generous.


Thanks so much Lee, Tilly is a little pickle though I must say – she’s more mischief than both the Newfies put together! x


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