Back at Beesands

At last … yesterday after nearly a week in bed I woke up feeling refreshed and restored … my usual self again.  So to celebrate I thought I’d take my furry friends, who have been bewildered and distressed by my absence from their lives, down to the beach at Beesands.  We haven’t been there for a while as Ben has been poorly too but, unlike me, he brought his difficulties entirely upon himself.  He has always loved to collect large smooth round beach pebbles and bring them home with him, but recently he has taken to eating them too – something I wasn’t aware of until he began to experience – how shall I put it – output problems!!  An X-ray showed 12 large stones travelling through his digestive system – but luckily for him a large dose of liquid paraffin cleared the blockage – this time at least!  So while we were there I watched him like a hawk as Beesands is a mainly shingle beach – and made a little video of our trip too ….

The vet has recommended a basket muzzle to stop his pebble munching but I must admit I’m a bit reluctant to do this – he’d hate it – and I think it would make him look scary to other beach users.  But if I can’t stop this habit any other way, then Master Benjamin will indeed be fitted for a muzzle.  Watch out Ben – and be GOOD!



Glad you’re feeling better, and able to enjoy some good weather before the storm hits us.


By the seaside…the beautiful sea! Love it! Thank you for sharing, Helen. Glad you, and Ben, are feeling better! 😉


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