Back to normal – and exciting times ahead

After all the excitement of THE BIG DAY life here at Coombe Leigh is beginning to return to normal.  I haven’t forgotten to show you photos – I’m dying to share – but as Rosie & Dan are away I can’t consult with them on which ones to post yet.  In any case the official ones won’t be ready for about a month 🙁

I began to unpack all the boxes we brought back with us from the reception earlier today – and had you been in my garden you would have seen my lovely vintage Liberty and other print napkins drying on the line above my cutting garden …

Rosie wants me to incorporate them all into a new quilt for her and Dan – a project that will keep me busy through the autumn months.  But first I wanted to start a new project for myself – something not pastel, floral and wedding related!  A couple of years ago I made my first full-size quilt using the quilt as you go technique and was fairly pleased with the result …

But now it’s time for another one.  I’m still planning on using the quilt as you go method – I don’t think I could manage to quilt a whole double-bed size quilt on my domestic machine and I’ve chosen the Turning Squares design by Erica from Kitchen Table Quilting that I found here in the Moda Bakeshop.  I think that it will lend itself very well to this method as it’s constructed in three separate rows that are then joined together to complete the quilt.

I’m going to use the same colours, and indeed some of the same fabrics, as my earlier quilt as I want to layer them both on my bed for extra warmth and snuggle-ability during the winter months.  But those months are a long way off at present and this afternoon I spent a happy couple of hours in my summer house beginning to cut out fabric strips.  The pattern calls for 2 jelly rolls, but I’ve decided to use just one and delve into my stash for the remainder …

And, now that the wedding’s over and I have more time to spare, as well as beginning my new quilt, I’m planning on taking a good look at Bustle & Sew as I’d like to introduce some changes to make it (even) nicer.  To help me do this, over the next few weeks I hope you won’t mind me asking for your thoughts to add to all my ideas for the future.  Meanwhile, the first definite change I’ve decided to make is to my logo.   The little Bustle & Sew bunny has remained unaltered since the earliest days – way back in 2009 – and I think she would benefit from a bit of a makeover – along with the rest of this website.   The BIG DAY might be over – but there are plenty of exciting times ahead for Bustle & Sew!


Oh those napkins will make a beautiful quilt. Love the quilt on your bed and looking forward to seeing your new quilt.
There is one thing I would love you to put on your blog and that is an email alert for new posts please so I don’t miss any new posts 🙂 xx


Thanks for the suggestion Lynn – that’s a really good idea and I’ll add it to my list xx


How exciting to be planning 2 new quilts! I love the sound of the Liberty one! I have been collecting Liberty prints for a while in the hopes of making a quilt with them!! I was lucky enough to be given some ready-cut hexagons in Liberty print, thought I may use them on a tablecloth! Looking forward to seeing your plans, patterns, colours and eventually – quilts!!! X


Hi Helen love the liberty napkins! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!
Regarding suggestions : how about some changeable outfits for the softies range! ; mr fox in a tweed blazer & trousers!Jack my 7 year old nephew adored the fox & nattered all night whilst at a family party ” let’s leave go to your house & make the fox!! Think his parents would appreciate a little boy fox ( Frederick!) think of all those lovely patterns we can buy!!
Hope you don’t mind me asking
Sally x


Thanks Sally – no of course I don’t mind, I’m looking for everyone’s suggestions. And I LOVE the image of your nephew wanting the fox! Will definitely add to my list. xx


Can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding! The commissioned art all the decor, rosie’s dress… Should be lovely 🙂


Hi Jamie – it takes around a month for the official photos but now Rosie & Dan have returned I’ll see if there are one or two informal ones they’re happy for me to share. xx

Kathleen Robertson

Using the napkins to make a quilt will be lovely, a real heirloom, can’t wait to see it. Really looking forward to seeing the wedding photos too and I have to admit I did chuckle reading about your exploits with the over heated vintage car.
So many things to look forward to, the quilt, the photos and a new look mag, WOW, so exciting. xx


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