Ben – a “big brother” in waiting!!

Autumn Walk (1)

I am sure nobody would doubt that Ben is an extremely lucky dog indeed.  He has a blissful life here in Devon …. a loving owner who works from home, lots of country walks to enjoy, beaches to visit – and even a river to fish in (!)

Autumn Walk (2)

But he still misses Amy (who died two years ago now) –  especially when I am particularly occupied with work  and can’t give him as much attention as he would like.   I am sure that he thought Amy was his Mum – indeed in all the ways that mattered she really was.  She took great care of him, showing him how to behave, teaching him to swim and then, when he was tired, letting him snuggle up to her ….

Ben snuggling to Amy

And he would copy everything she did ….

Copying "Mum"!

Best of all were outings in the car ….

Copying Mum (2)

 What a cutie he was!  He grieved terribly when Amy died, and I’m not sure he’s ever really got over losing her.  

Newfs together!

So …… we’ve been talking about it for a long time, and have finally decided …. to find him a new baby sister.  I’ve been in touch with his breeder – Mileoak Newfoundlands – and Pam tells me she hopes to have puppies available in the spring.  Keep your fingers crossed for us –  if all goes well then before too long Ben will be a big brother.  I hope he’ll be as kind and patient with his little sister as Amy was with him.  


I do sympathise with dogs grieving. We had to have our ‘old lady’ Skye put to sleep a few weeks back and our other two are still looking for her.
Good luck with getting a new little sister for Ben.
A x


I am so sorry… It’s heartbreaking I know, as you can’t explain to them. But I very much think that it’s better to have loved and lost ……. Xx


It was a Newfoundland Dog photo stream when I first have found you and Ben and Amy were still together at that time. I believe they feel sadness as we do because I sometimes see my girl-so called Ben’s cousin-St.Bernard, looks at her sister’s photo who passed away last Oct. It will be so fantastic to welcome a baby sister and no doubt Ben will be a happy big brother!


Wow! Two big Newfies! That’s a whole lotta dog in your house! I admire that! And congratulations! How very exciting for you! I bet Spring can’t come fast enough. I’m sure Ben will be an excellent teacher to his little sister. How every exciting


Wow, you’re going to have your hands – and your house – full next year. But what fun it will be. We find one dog enough to cope with, though I’m sure Ruby would really enjoy having a brother or sister.


How exciting!!! So happy for all of you – I’m sure Ben will be so happy – the more dogs the merrier, I always say! Blessings on all of you.


Ooh Helen!! Two newfies in one household!! Ooh think of all those hairs!!!……..but a Newfie puppy will be adorable and Ben will be in his element!! Can’t wait to see the piccies xxx


So enjoyed this post and the photos of Amy and ‘little’ Ben, and how wonderful to have a new ‘baby’ to look forward to!
X Linda

Annette Paterson

Hi there,
I totally sympathise with Ben, poor babe. I have had three Mileoak Newfoundlands from Pam. The third a Landseer called Oso two years just, my first Louis a black now 11 years. My middle Landseer Dudley died just over two years ago from cancer aged 6 yrs. I was heartbroken and Louis heart broken became dedpressed and I found it difficult to go any place without taking him with me. I then found out Dudley’s sister had just become pregnant a few weeks later, well, that was always going to be a done deal. Along came Oso and we never looked back, Louis came back to his happy Newfoundland self. It is the best decision I made for Louis ever! As for us we have a huge bouncing characterful, cheeky young Newfy.
I hope you have got a sister now for Ben? I do believe Newfoundlands are meant to come in pairs!
Bestest Wishes, Annette xx


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