Ben behaved badly …..


 “Mum!  I cannot believe it – Ben took my biscuit! He stuck out his long pink tongue and sucked it up!

He is a BAD Big Brother – Make him give it back – NOW!!”


Ben was there first, he thinks it’s his house and therefore all biscuits are his! LOL! Daisy will have to get another one, just by being so cute

Kim Leavens

Life with dogs is such fun !! Buddy our GSD has started eating out of Daisy’s (Yochon) dish,,,,but she is the boss and lets him know it!! lol Thanks for sharing.


Seriously??????? I can’t believe it of Ben!!!!!!!!!
What a heart melting face!
X Linda


He may even have learned how to be a “big brother” from his older sister, who knows!? hehe


Is that not just like big brothers! But trust me – you want a new biscuit not the he took.


This is by far the cutest thing I’ve seen all day long! Such a sweet looking puppy dog!


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