Bluebells but no water at Blackdown Rings

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has sent me good wishes for my (hopefully) soon-to-be-happening house move.  It’s so kind of you all, and I really do appreciate that you took the trouble to get in touch.  We’re hoping to move in the first week of June – but everything is currently in the hands of the solicitors – who are not exactly famous for being speedy.  But then everything does need to be absolutely right – I would hate to arrive at my new home, only to find I’d purchased the house next door by accident!

While we’re waiting for the legal process to run its course, the Newfies and I are making a point of revisiting some of our favourite walks – and today we headed up to Blackdown Rings, an old hill fort just north of Loddiswell – about 20 minutes drive from Coombe Leigh.  It was an ideal walk as it’s easy and flat, and Miss Daisy has been rather under the weather these past few days, having visited the vet to be spayed.  It’s a routine operation of course, and there were no complications, but I’m sure she has been feeling very sore inside, judging by the expression on her face a couple of days ago ….


But today she is feeling much more her usual self, and although she mustn’t run around too much until her stitches are removed, I thought she’d enjoy a stroll around Blackdown Rings with its wonderful views in all directions ….

phone pics 048

And I wanted to see the bluebells which flourish along the old earthworks.  Just a few to be seen at first ….phone pics 052

Then we rounded a corner and there, where Ben and Daisy love to splash and wallow in the winter when the hollows fill with clear fresh peaty rainwater, were drifts of the most beautiful intense blue …..

phone pics 063

Much to my delight and the Newfies’ disappointment.  Daisy simply couldn’t believe there was no water (no swimming with stitches in any case Miss D!) and kept running up the banks to peer into the hollows hoping to discover somewhere to splash around. phone pics 056While the older and more sedate Ben watched her and waited to see if she found anything worth his while to investigate.  I’ll take them both swimming next week when her stitches are out – perhaps we’ll head down to Mill Bay or Lannacombe – another two places to visit before we head off on our exciting new adventure.  And, thinking of new adventures – I’ve never been so well organised as I am now, busy with patterns for the JULY magazine!  I think this little car is probably off on a new adventure too …..

carandcaravan 014

And watch out for the matching caravan coming soon!  But for now I’d better make a start on packing a few boxes – sorting and PROPERLY folding my stash is going to take FOREVER!!


Hi Helen,
Just to wish you all the very best for your big move. Although it’ll be sad leaving, you are heading for new adventures where, I’m sure, you will find lots of inspiration – and new walkies, too, of course!
Hope it all goes smoothly for you.


Thanks so much Diana. Yes, I have slightly mixed feelings – I am sad to be leaving such a lovely area, and so many friends, but it will be wonderful being close to Rosie & Dan, Somerset is beautiful too, and friends are sure to come and visit (and we can visit back again!) so lots to look forward to!!


And real English bluebells too, no hybrids or Spanish ones which just don’t have the same depth of colour or lovely fragrance.


That flower print car is so adorable. It makes me want to get out my scraps and start cutting. I can’t wait to see the other pattern. Everything I’ve seen from you is just great! Thanks for sharing your work.


Hi Helen. Hope your move will go smoothly and you settle in soon. I feel and understand all the emotions you are going through as I am in the middle of sorting and packing myself, getting ready to move to Scotland. I am so pleased knowing that your magazine will still arrive regardless of where I am! Thanks


Good luck with your move Petra! And, yes the June magazine’s good to go so watch out for it in your in-box on Thursday 28th wherever you may be! xx


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