Busy in the garden

Now the April issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine has been safely sent out to all my lovely subscribers, I have a little spare time – and so it’s time to begin preparations for our wedding wildflower garden at the front of Coombe Leigh …

Here’s my house – this picture was taken last February so there’s nothing to see in the garden at all (it was a cold, late spring last year).  But this June there will be a garland of roses on the front door (possibly even a rose archway over the gate) and the flower beds will be filled with wild flowers – daisies, love in the mist, and lots more too.  I don’t know exactly what as my friend Jacqui (Flapdoodledesigns) is a very keen and expert gardener who has taken charge of the project.  At the moment she’s busy raising lots of baby seedlings to plant very soon indeed ….

And this is how Jacqui’s garden looked last summer …..

So I’m feeling very confident – at least for the front garden!  We had hoped to have wildflowers at the back too – but – there’s a large black furry problem!  Having watched everyone hard at work preparing the beds at the front earlier this week – young Miss Daisy decided to “help” too.  She’s not allowed in the front – so obviously decided to make an extra effort in the back garden …..

Oh dear … I’m not sure that wild flowers will survive her efforts – we’ll have to think of something else.  She looks so pleased and proud of herself though, it’s hard to be cross.  

Thanks for all your help Miss Daisy!


Jacqui Wise

Your house looks lovely Helen and I can just imagine your front garden filled with wildflowers, butterflies and bees. I’m sure it is going to look really pretty.


Thankfully our Ruby has grown out of the digging phase and is now pretty good at respecting the difference between path and bed. But Daisy’s doing your proud!


Ben never had a digging phase so I guess I’ve been spoiled! What you can’t tell from the photos is the scale of her excavations – the trench around the hydrangea is approaching 4 foot long and 18″ deep!!

Kathleen Robertson

Your house is beautiful and once the wildflowers bloom it’s going to look magical. I think I’m a tad envious LOL
Miss Daisy certainly looks innocent, I used to have two chickens and I couldn’t believe how much they could dig but nothing compared to Daisys attempts 🙂


Hello Helen, we here in Nz have just had a whole summer loving the same effect of wildflowers, we shook a packet of seed around , so maybe this haphazard idea would be a more relaxed approach for the dogs in the back garden.
Look foward to seeing your efforts. B


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