Counting down and keeping busy …..

I have had the loveliest weekend away in Bath with Rosie and all her friends, enjoying her Hen Weekend.  That is to say, enjoying the parts deemed suitable for me to attend which definitely did not include clubbing until 3 am – I was tucked up in my cosy hotel bedroom very much earlier!  On Saturday we enjoyed a session at The Makery, creating some lovely commemorative bunting for Rosie to keep.  We were encouraged to embellish our flags, selecting from their vast collection of buttons, ribbons and other lovely haberdashery items ….

Huge fun and a great ice-breaker as we all chatted and got to know one another ….

Then onwards to some very lovely tea rooms for a delicious high tea …

Apologies for the rather poor quality and blurriness of this photo, I think I became rather over-excited at the sight of all this lovely food!   Then cocktails in the evening, followed by shopping and brunch the next day – a most enjoyable time was had by all!

The wedding countdown and general busy-ness continues at home too.  I’ve redecorated my stairs again, all ready for the shots of the bride descending – and this time I’ve used a selection of wallpaper remants from various projects around the house on the risers.  I’ve coated the wallpaper with several layers of dilute PVA glue and am hoping this will help them be reasonably hard-wearing, though I’m not sure anything could withstand Daisy’s fairy paw-steps for very long ….

My friend Jacqui (Flapdoodledesigns) has also been busy in the kitchen on another “summer of the wedding” project.  I’ve commissioned her to paint a wedding/family commemorative mural and set her quite a challenge.  I asked for a garland of flowers, my, Rosie’s and Dan’s initials (with a love heart for Rosie & Dan), the Bustle & Sew bunny and the Newfies too (as well as a ladybird, bumble bee and snail!).  I love the design she’s created and today she began work, tracing it onto the wall above the Aga ….

With a little help (not!) from Lionel and Daisy who were romping around the kitchen in their usual energetic manner.  Jacqui had to climb down from her perch more than once for fear of being knocked off by flying furry bodies!  I’ll be sure to show you when it’s finished.   Off to sew some more mini-bunting now as the wedding countdown continues …..!


Sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend.
Love to the picture you are having painted
Julie xxxxxxxx


Oh Helen you are making everything so special,love all the details you are sharing, Makery sounds a great shop and what loverly girly things you got up too. I have just finished a quilt called Jane Austens Bonnets and have embroided many things about Jane including Bath around the border,yours was a very timely post for me to read .


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