Early morning at Beesands

This morning I awoke very early to hear (yet again) the sound of the rain beating against my bedroom window.  My heart sank and I snuggled down beneath the covers for just a little longer (as I thought)!   Waking again some time later I was delighted to discover that a weak and watery sun was trying to push its way from behind the clouds – and by 8.30 was shining brightly in a blue sky.  So I loaded my furry friends into the back of my car and we headed off down to Beesands, just a few minutes from home.  Today the sea looked so calm and gentle …

It seems impossible that just a couple of weeks ago it was so destructive and violent.  I think I mentioned before that the road at Beesands had been washed away – and on this trip it was possible to see the full extent of the damage ….

Quite horrifying!  Beesands is a very popular destination for many of our summer visitors and if the road isn’t repaired there will be a definite impact on local businesses.  I don’t think it will be a very high priority though with so many more urgent repairs to carry out – and I’m not sure what will happen.  None of this bothered the Newfies of course, who were just happy to be back on the beach ….

Yes .. that’s Daisy launching an attack leap at poor long-suffering Ben.  He puts up with her very well!  I was delighted with a special beachcombing find this morning – this would have been a perfect Valentine image and was a definite “keeper.”

Then home again.  Daisy loves my new kitchen door and I rather like it too!  I’ve yearned for a stable door for some time and as my old door was completely rotten and had to be replaced I now have a beautiful shiny version.  And even nicer – it’s the perfect height for Miss Daisy to rest her furry paws upon while gazing at the world outside  ….


(Excuse the untidiness behind her – I’m moving and sorting everything out prior to a bit of redecorating)  Then, leaving Daisy and Ben snoring gently I headed upstairs for a little more sewing.  


 Another project for the March Bustle & Sew Magazine – all will be revealed very soon indeed! 


I would bet the sea-glass is readily available right about now. 🙂 We found a similar rock near the river here a few weeks ago. It is a large rock (9inches across or so) and it has a hole in it. in the hole are two smaller rocks that are in so tight we cannot get them out. The two rocks in the hole are sort of heart shaped. It was quite interesting.

Karen Benisch

So sorry to see the devastation, I havent kept up with the weather over there across the pond but sure hope no one was hurt. I love your magazine and your sew projects, oh not to forge your Daisy and Ben. Thanks for the post.


Hi Deborah, sadly yes homes have been washed away, though not at Beesands. Our favourite place to eat at Torcross has been completely destroyed, so sad for everyone, especially the owners of course.


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