Happy colours, splashy Pups (part two)

Of course the Newfies are not in the least bit interested in plants (except in the digging up of them Miss Daisy!), though they do enjoy tea and cake at Avon Mill Garden Centre.  Although dogs are allowed in the actual restaurant, I don’t think there’d be much room for other diners if I took the terrible twosome inside, so we enjoy sitting in the covered outside area where there’s always plenty to see (me), and lots of pats and praise to be received (Ben and Daisy).  Even so, there’s always an air of impatience, as they know that once tea is finished, then we can embark on the real purpose of our visit – a walk along the river bank.  The Avon is a clear, cold river that flows down from the high peaty expanse of Dartmoor, lined with trees and of course at this time of year the leaves have nearly all fallen.  It’s still very beautiful though …

A trip to Avon MillAnd peaceful too – until my two naughty friends came along.  The river bed is formed of masses of large smooth stones – great to dig for, even when they’re very deep.  A chance for Ben to show how big and strong and brave he is …

A trip to Avon Mill

 How he ever finds his way back to the bank I’ll never know!  Can he really see where he’s going? 

A trip to Avon Mill

 But he’s successfully dug up a stone – that’s the important thing!  Not to be outdone, Daisy dives for sticks …

A trip to Avon Mill

 Here she is proudly bearing a particularly impressive example!  Of course all these chasing, digging and retrieving makes them very tired, so after a good drying off Ben loves to snooze on the kitchen floor …. 

A trip to Avon Mill

Whilst Daisy helps me read my magazine.  I think she is possibly the most photogenic dog I’ve ever owned – and definitely the most mischievous, though you wouldn’t think so from this picture…

A trip to Avon Mill

 “Me, naughty? Never!!”

Fred & Ginger

And finally … a big “thank you” to everyone who entered my giveaway for a kit to make your very own Fred or Ginger last week (pattern in the January magazine).  I’m just counting the entries and will be announcing the winner next week. 


What a wonderful place for a walk, especially with that lovely water. I love Daisy’s expression.


Daisy is so very sweet – love those big gentle eyes. How fortunate you are to be able to spend so much time with them (and they with you)
You live in such a wonderful place!


Beautiful photos of the Avon, and I’m VERY impressed with Ben and Daisy in their stick and stone removal! Brave and strong indeed!
X Linda

Sue Robinson

What a beautiful part of the world you live in and what adorable dogs Ben and Daisy are! However, having just forked out over 140 euros (I live in Normandy) for dog food for my Labrador and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I shudder to think how much it must cost to feed your two!

Pam MacLennan

Oh Helen those 2 Babies are just a delight. We are so lucky to be able to share our lives with pets. We have a Bearded Collie called Mickey who works the cows, a Border Collie called Bounce who is my pet and a Greyhound/Mastiff X called Tank who is supposed to be a hunting dog but is the most needy of them all. My husband often asks ‘who are you talking too, you know they wont answer back’. That may be but they understand every word I say – lol
Have a most wonderful Christmas and New Year and I look forward to hearing more adventures of Ben and Daisy in 2014. Not to forget about the crafty stuff either.


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