Happy New Year and a clumsy Ben

Oh dearie me.  Ben, what a clumsy dog you are.  I thought Daisy was the one always getting into scrapes – but this time it’s you.  This is NOT a good way to begin the New Year, is it?  Below is a very sad and sorry Ben who has managed to break his bowl and for quite some time was under the impression that he wouldn’t get his tea until I had purchased a new one for him..

As he is a large dog who has suffered from neck problems in the past (caused by his baby sister swingng on his collar) I always feed him on a raised step as the vet suggested this would be more comfortable for him.  And usually I keep an eye on him as he is a very greedy fellow who snuffles all around his bowl for those last elusive tasty morsels. But on this occasion I was distracted and while snuffling around he must have pushed his bowl off the step onto the hard slate floor where it cracked – completely in two – with a very loud bang!  Frightened us all!  And of course he will be getting tea every day while we wait for his new one to arrive, but from a most embarrassing plastic bowl, not nearly as nice as his old one, while Daisy still has her beautiful pink version.  So to cheer him up I spent my New Year’s Day afternoon baking some peanut butter dog cookies – rather yummy!

And I do hope that Ben’s year will improve from now on!  I’ll be back at the weekend looking back at 2014 – a MOST eventful year, and a peek at some new ideas for Bustle & Sew that will be coming over the next few months.

But now I’d like to wish everyone a very happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year – with LOTS of time for stitching!



Thanks Julie, yes it improved markedly once the peanut butter dog cookies were cool enough to eat!


A very Happy New Year to you Helen, your family and,of course, Ben, Daisy and Tilly.
Poor Ben does look woebegone. Our daughter and son-in-law’s collie has to have her food and water dishes lifted up off the floor so our son-in-law, who is very clever at making things, made a metal stand with a ring either side of the central spoke to fit the bowls in. xxx


What a clever idea, I wish I had something like that! But for now at least I will just keep a closer eye on my greedy Ben! X


Poor Ben he looks so sorry for himself – surely things can only get better for him. Happy New Year to you and your family and I hope Bustle & Sew continues to flourish.

lee lawson

HiHelen,Happy New Year to you,family and those Gorgeous doggies,aww poor Ben he is soooo cute (Big but very cute lol).Is the Magazine due out soon please.I have not been commenting much of late as it is the Anniversary of my brother’s passing on New Years Day.Hope to get into the swing of things soon.Love your blog as your know and can’t wait to see your new creations and pics of those mischivious doggies.Hugs xx


Hi Lee – lovely to hear from you – yes, you should have received your magazine by now – if not please do let me know and I’ll send you another link. Happy New Year to you and yours. xx


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