I was going to tell you, but …..

I was going to tell you all about one of our favourite activities … picnics on the beach.  I was going to show you some of our favourite picnic finds this summer.  But that will have to wait for another post as I simply MUST introduce you to our newest team member ….

Just nine weeks old, and already fully IT-literate, meet ….

TILLY!!  Rosie and Dan’s new puppy.  She’s a little Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever crossed with a poodle) who joined their family at the weekend.  Daisy and Ben haven’t met her yet, but I’m sure they’ll love her.  They have gifts for her … Ben (who is rather greedy) will be presenting her with a jar of doggie chocs, and Daisy is giving a slightly grubby preloved penguin softie.  It was supposed to be a new penguin softie, but ….

After spending a long time helping me to choose the “best” toy in the petshop, she stole it from my shopping bag when we returned home and was later discovered in her favourite spot under the honeysuckle mouthing on it gently.  But I’m sure Tilly will still love it!


Oh she is gorgeous Helen, When I first saw the pictures I thought you had a third dog…….
Julie xxxxx


Oh no Julie, two – especially when one is the irrepressible Miss Daisy – are quite enough!


Oh my goodness, she is just adorable! I’m sure Tilly, Ben and Daisy will be best of friends. I hope Ben & Daisy are coping ok with the heat, it has been far too hot for our Newf, Fergus. x


Yes, it’s been really warm here too – Ben has all the fur shaved down on his tummy and a puppy cut on his legs and chest. He’s then often to be found sprawled on the cool slates of my north-facing courtyard. The heat doesn’t seem to bother Daisy as much, but then she’s quite a bit smaller, just 56 kg compared to Ben’s 76 kg! Hugs to Fergus from all of us! xx

Kathleen Robertson

What a little darling Tilly looks and that photo of Daisy is priceless. Can’t wait to hear the stories of Ben, Daisy and Tilly am sure there is going to be lots of laughs ahead. LOL
I hope both you and Ben are over that horrible insulting episode from a few days back and that Ben is back to his usual handsome gentle self. 🙂


Aw, thanks Kathleen. Yes, Ben has put it all behind him now, his eyes are all better and he’s out and about again. xx


What a beautiful, sweet puppy and I had to smile at the photo of Miss Daisy with little Tilly’s by now second-hand toy! I can see lots of doggy fun and games ahead at Bustle and Sew!
Diana. xx


When I saw Tilly in the newsletter I was smitten! She is so gorgeous and I’m sure Ben and Daisy will love her too although she will look tiny compared to them 🙂 I am so envious. xx


I know, she is lovely. And I think she is also quite a lot cleverer than they are so I think she’ll soon be inventing lots of mischief for them to get into!

Jimmie Lou Clements

I love your website and the beautiful items you display. However, the pictures of your pups have stolen my heart. This one is precious because my 135 pound black Lab mix pup, Buster, loves his “baby” also. Buster has adopted all the other rescued dogs and 2 cats at my house in Pelham, Alabama, USA. God bless you and your endeavors.


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