Just like us!

Feeling a bit blown around today on our morning walk – just like these vintage friends ….

From an early 20th century children’s book.  Though for us today it’s a south-westerly gale with sunshine and heavy blustery showers.  Fingers crossed there won’t be so much damage as the tides are much lower now.


Oh I love those pictures. It is like that here cold wet and blustery. Hope you are in the warm now.

I have just signed up for the the news letter again, I seemed to have lost mine as I don’t seem to have a newsletter in a while………well in fact ages and ages! I wonder what I have missed! Must have lost it all in the first great computer crash of 2012 and not noticed, it happened again in 2013 so we replaced the computer!

Julie xxxxxxxxxxx


This just gave me a smile for the day!

Though I do hope your days will be milder soon.


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