Lannacombe with Ben – a video post

We are lucky to live close to one of the loveliest beaches (I think!) in Devon. Lannacombe is only accessible by a muddy, bumpy lane and it’s wonderful at this time of year. I’ve been taking Ben there since he was a tiny puppy, firstly with Amy (who sadly is no longer with us) and now just him and me. He usually finds some friends to play with, but on this visit it was just him, me, and the beach!


I’ve only just got hold of this video editing package and I think I need to practise a bit more – particularly on the captions, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Handsome Ben is such a STAR!!!! And how lucky to live so close to such a lovely beach! Thanks so much for sharing!


How lovely to have such great videos of Ben and Amy, and a wonderful way to put them all together.

Jacqueline Okuhara

what a lovely newfies!!!
You and Ben are lucky to be near to the Sea!!
We are big Newfie fans in our family! My sister has a big brown newfie boy called Guinness!! I think these doggies all love the water!!

Kindest regards,


Hi Jacquie

What a great name for a brown Newfie- love it! Yes Ben has a positively idyllic life down here by the sea, messing around in the water.

Helen x


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